Moving to the Netherlands from Hungary

Updated on Saturday 04th March 2023

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The Dutch immigration legislation stipulates that nationals moving to the Netherlands from Hungary don`t need a Dutch visa or permit in order to lawfully stay and work in this country. Nevertheless, a registration procedure with a Dutch municipality has to be done within five days from arrival. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can tell you more about this registration procedure and assist you with it.

Registering as a resident with a Dutch municipality

Since Hungary is an EEA and EU member state, its nationals don`t require a Dutch visa in order to entry the country. A registration procedure with a municipality in the Netherlands is compulsory for all Hungarians moving to this country. You must go to the city hall in your place of residence and submit the following documents:

•    A valid passport or any other ID;
•    Proof you have a place to stay in the Netherlands – a lease or rental contract;
•    If you stay with a Dutch citizen you have to provide the municipality with a written declaration on his/her behalf;
•    Any other relevant Hungarian papers: marriage certificates, birth certificates of your children (if applicable).

We advise you to translate and legalize all your ID documents prior to moving to the Netherlands from Hungary. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can help you prepare the necessary documents for registration with the municipality.

Hungarians working in the Netherlands

Although nationals from Hungary can work without any restrictions in the Netherlands, there are several conditions they have to meet before finding a job. First of all, you must obtain a citizen service number (BSN). You acquire this document alongside the municipality registration procedure. Then, you have to undertake a diploma recognition procedure since your Hungarian certificates and education documents are not automatically valid in the Netherlands. The last step before getting a job is to research the employment market in the Netherlands. Find out information about the Dutch working holiday scheme, the minimum wage you are entitled with, the working hours and other relevant information about employment conditions. 

When you apply for Dutch citizenship, you will be asked to renounce your Hungarian nationality. Other requirements apply to those who are ready to apply for citizenship by naturalization after living in the country for five years and they focus on the applicant’s successful integration into the community. Our team can give you more details about your available options and the general process.
If you need more information about the working schedule and basic conditions that an employer must comply with, don`t hesitate to contact our experts in immigration in the Netherlands.