Guide to Renting a Property in the Netherlands

Updated on Monday 20th February 2017

Guide to Renting a Property in the Netherlands Image
When deciding to immigrate to Netherlands most will initially look for a place to rent and then consider buying a house in their Dutch city of choice. When looking to rent an apartment or a house most expats will look for a private rental, as opposed to subsidized or social housing and an important part of the process will be sorting through all the available options. 

Looking for the perfect rental options

Social housing is not an option for all expats who are interested in Netherlands immigration.  Looking for an apartment or flat that qualifies for the respective needs and budget can take some time. 

Online renting portals are widely used and so are estate agencies. Commissions can apply and for real estate agents, they can include the equivalent of the rent for one month. A deposit will be needed in all cases, depending on the landlord’s requirements. The lease agreement is typically concluded for a fixed period chosen by the property owner. 

Rental prices will depend on the property’s location, distance from the city center, furnishings, and other factors. Cities like Amsterdam have a higher base starting prices for apartments and houses.

One of our immigration lawyers in Netherlands can help you with more information about the property lease or purchase agreements for expats.

What to consider when renting property in the Netherlands

A housing permit is needed in the Netherlands for those tenants who rent a house within a certain rent value amount. This permit is not needed for shared accommodation like dorms or rooms and not for apartments that are located in the same building where the owner lives. The permit is issued for applicants that are at least 18 years of age, have Dutch nationality or a valid EU/EEA passport or a valid residence permit.

The housing permit is only valid for one apartment or house located at the registered address. For more information about this permit as well as other details about living and working in the Netherlands please do not hesitate to contact our immigration lawyers in Netherlands.