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Immigration Services in the Netherlands

Individuals who come from other countries to live in the Netherlands have a series of arrangements to take care of, according to the purpose of their residence. If you are new to Holland, it is best to seek professional immigration services in the Netherlands.

Just like any Dutch immigration lawyer, our immigration experts can help you take care of all of the needed documentation in relation to the Dutch authorities whether you are in the country for business or study purposes or for family reunification.

Our immigration agents in Netherlands invite you to watch this video about the services we can provide if you decide to move to the Netherlands

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The Netherlands is a country that offers a multitude of opportunities for study, employment, and business development. Many EU citizens but also individuals from other countries are moving to the Netherlands to study, to work or to start a business. The Ministry of Security and Justice, through its Immigration and Naturalization Service, handles all of the applications for short-term stays and long-term stays in the Netherlands, for individuals or businesses. 

Permanent residence can be obtained in the Netherlands if you have been living in the country for five uninterrupted years. After this period, if you meet the existing criteria, you can become a Dutch citizen through naturalization. If you wish to become a Dutch citizen it is highly recommended to ask for the help of a Dutch immigration lawyer or of a specialist in immigration matters.

Our team of immigration consultants in the Netherlands can help you with the following services, suited to your particular needs:

-    Dutch visa applications for transit and short stay and long-term visas;
-    Dutch work permits applications;
-    obtaining a residence permit for foreign entrepreneurs; 
-    obtaining permanent residency in the Netherlands;
-    obtaining the Dutch citizenship and details about the naturalization process. Foreign nationals interested in acquiring Cypriot citizenship by investment are invited to contact our partners who can explain to them the requirements for becoming Cypriot citizens through this method.

Dutch visas and permits for the Netherlands

Because the Netherlands is a member of the EU and the Schengen area, individuals who are citizens of one of the EU or EEA countries who want to study, work or live in the Netherlands do not need a visa for this purpose. The same visa-free regime also applies for travel purposes. EU/EEA nationals who want to stay in the Netherlands for more than four months will need to obtain a citizen service number. If you are a citizen from one of these countries you are also free to work in all business sectors in the Netherlands. Our team of immigration specialists in the Netherlands can assist you during this preliminary step.

Non-EU/EEA nationals need to obtain a visa and, if the length of stay is longer than three months, they will need a long-stay Dutch visa, also known as a long-term entry visa. They will also need a provisional residence permit. Different rules apply to the same individuals concerning employment.

Residence permits in the Netherlands are issued according to the purpose of the stay. They can be issued for:
-    family reunification;
-    employment or self-employment as well as seasonal workers;
-    highly skilled migrants or scientific researchers;
-    study purposes and exchange programmes.

What to consider when deciding to immigrate to the Netherlands

The purpose of the stay and the nationality are two factors that need to be taken into consideration when starting the necessary procedures to make the arrangements needed to live in the Netherlands. The immigration process will depend on the particularities of each case and our team of immigration consultants in the Netherlands can provide you with complete information about the requirements and the Dutch authorities you need to contact after an initial evaluation of your application. 

Our team of experts will work closely with you so that you can obtain the necessary visas or permits as fast as possible. Taking care of all the arrangements needed to move to the Netherlands is simpler if you request the help of one of our immigration consultants, who can help you start working on the application beforehand just like an immigration lawyer in the Netherlands would do.

You can contact our immigration experts in the Netherlands if you have any questions about short or long term stays in the Netherlands. 
Our immigration agency in the Netherlands is part of Bridgewest, an international company specialized in company formation and legal matters in numerous jurisdiction accros the world, from European countries to Asian ones, such as India, Vietnam, Lebanon and Philippines or even to countries situated in Central America, such as Belize. In case you need legal services in a European country, for example in Ireland, we can put you in contact with our partners from LawyersIreland.eu.


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