Dutch Working Holiday Scheme

Updated on Friday 06th January 2017

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The Netherlands has a special working holiday scheme applicable to Canadians, South Koreans, Australians or New Zealanders. 

Individuals who want to come to the Netherlands for a working holiday need to obtain a residence permit. The conditions vary according to the applicant’s nationality but several requirements like the age of the applicant are general.

A cultural exchange program is available for citizens of other countries. Young entrepreneurs or workers often choose to immigrate to Netherlands because of the country’s pro-business regime and location in Europe but also because the Dutch have a modern approach to living and working. 

General conditions for the working holiday visa in the Netherlands

The working holiday scheme is implemented by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service for Australian, Canadian, Canadian, New Zealand or South Korea applicants. A maximum number of applications per year is allowed in case of South Korea (only 100). There are no restrictions for the other countries included in this program.

The general conditions for applying to this program are the following:

- available to nationals of the four countries;
- applicant must be between 18 and 31 years of age;
- he or she has a return ticket or is able to purchase one;
- this is the first time when he or she has a residence permit for an exchange program;
- there is no contractual relationship in place between the applicant and a Dutch host family or au pair agency regarding monetary payments in case of noncompliance;
- no deposit was made to a Ditch intermediary agency or au pair agency;
- the applicant will not perform activities that require a high level or specialization;
- the purpose of the stay is cultural, to find out more about the Dutch culture and society.

A Dutch immigration lawyer can help evaluate your case and give you more information on how these requirements apply to you.

Dutch working holiday scheme documents

Applicants need to submit a set of documents together with the application form. All applications for a working holiday residence permit are submitted with the Dutch embassy or consulate in the country or origin or with the IND if the applicant is already in the country. South Korean applicants can only perform this step with the Dutch embassy in Seoul.

A confirmation letter is sent to by applicant if all the documents are in order and if the fee is paid. Exactly like any immigration lawyer in the Netherlands, we can help you submit the documentation or provide you with further details if you want to make sure that your application complies with the requirements.

Once the applicant receives the residence permit he or she will need to register with the municipality and take a tuberculosis test.

Working in the Netherlands is an attractive option for many foreigners. If you are interested in more details about a Netherlands immigration scheme you can contact us.



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