How to Find a Job in the Netherlands

Updated on Thursday 20th April 2017

How to Find a Job in the Netherlands Image
The job market in the Netherlands is very competitive and attractive, always ready to adopt labor force from abroad. Whether you are from Europe, Asia, Africa, America or Australia, you can apply for numerous jobs in the Netherlands according to your skills. Our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands can offer complete assistance in visa matters for all citizens who want to work in the country.


Prepare your resume and search for jobs in the Netherlands

Your curriculum vitae needs to be the starting point before applying for a job in the Netherlands. Once your experience and skills are mentioned in your resume, it is time to search via the internet and to apply on the special job platforms in the Netherlands. The Dutch companies are in search of highly skilled migrants in domains like engineering, research, finance, economy, IT or healthcare, but there are also numerous opportunities in education or food industry. As a recommendation, you can apply speculatively, which means sending your resume to companies with no active jobs for the moment. No matter the answer, a company in the Netherlands will make time to answer your request. As for your resume, try to fulfill it with the European requirements in this area.

In the same manner, our immigration lawyer in Netherlands will provide you with information and guidance in visa matters and work permits if you are a citizen from a non-EU (European Union) country who wants to relocate to the Netherlands.

Job advertisement in the Netherlands

Personal contacts, public employment service in the Netherlands, employment agencies and the internet are the main channels to consider when searching for a job in the country. The public employment service in the Netherlands works with the job agencies in the country, besides numerous partners, providing the job vacancies on the official online platforms. Most companies in the Netherlands collaborate with the employment agencies to find possible applicants for the vacant positions. It is good to know that such companies will get in touch with the candidates only if the resume matches the criteria and the job description. If you have been selected, it is time to pack your bags and move to the Netherlands, a country known for its openness and numerous opportunities.

Please feel free to contact our team of immigration lawyers in the Netherlands for complete assistance in visa matters and more.