The Naturalisation Ceremony in the Netherlands

Updated on Wednesday 26th July 2017

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The naturalisation ceremony in the Netherlands is a festive event held for the people who have obtained Dutch citizenship. It is celebrated every year on December 15th and newcomers receive a special declaration stating that they have become Dutch citizens. Attending the naturalisation ceremony in the Netherlands is the final step in acquiring Dutch nationality. Our specialists in immigration in the Netherlands are able to offer you details about the naturalisation ceremony.

Conditions for becoming a Dutch citizen through naturalisation

If you want to immigrate to the Netherlands and become a Dutch citizen through naturalisation, there are several conditions you must fulfill. These include the following:
•    You are 18 years or older;
•    You have lived uninterruptedly in the Netherlands during the last 5 years and you hold a valid residence permit;
•     You have a civic integration diploma attesting you can read, write, speak and understand Dutch;
•    You renounce your current nationality and take the declaration of solidarity;
•    You have not received a prison sentence, training or community service order or paid a large fine in the Netherlands or abroad – this is a valid request for the previous four years of your stay in the Netherlands.
If you want to become a Dutch citizen through the naturalisation ceremony you must submit an application with the municipality where you live and pay the respective fee. The municipality checks whether you fulfill all the conditions to become a Dutch citizen and gives a recommendation to the IND. The final decision is taken by the IND ant the naturalisation ceremony is organized by the local municipality. Just like any Dutch immigration lawyer, one of our consultants can help you prepare the documentation for the naturalisation ceremony.

The naturalisation ceremony

This festive event is organized by the municipality where you reside and attending the ceremony is compulsory for every individual who wants to become a Dutch citizen. If your child was 16 years or older at the time you submitted the naturalisation application, then he/she also has to attend the ceremony. During the naturalisation ceremony in the Netherlands you take a declaration of solidarity and accept that the laws of the Dutch Kingdom also apply to you. You cannot become a Dutch citizen, unless you make the declaration of solidarity. An invitation for a next ceremony will be handed to you if you cannot attend the first one. If you fail to participate at a naturalisation ceremony within 1 year following the decision, you have to submit another naturalisation application.
Don`t hesitate to contact our experts in immigration in the Netherlands who can tell you how to prepare for the naturalisation ceremony.



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