Recognized Sponsors in the Netherlands

Updated on Monday 13th March 2017

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The companies, organizations, and institutions in the Netherlands can be recognized as sponsors for people who want to work as au pair, who want to study or who are interested in making research in different domains. Our specialists in immigration in the Netherlands can provide you with comprehensive information and details about the types of visas to enter the country and about the recognized sponsors you should consider when deciding to relocate in the Netherlands.

What is a sponsor in the Netherlands?

The enterprises, the educational centers and all kinds of institutions in the Netherlands are responsible for your financial matters while living, working and studying in the country. The authorities have established specific rules to all companies or institutions that want to become recognized sponsors, and here we remind the following:

•    a university needs to offer accredited education according to the Higher Education and Scientific Research Act in the Netherlands;
•    a company needs to be registered and to have a financial stability;
•    a research institution needs to be accredited to the NARCIS (National Academic Research and Collaboration System).

If you want to immigrate to the Netherlands it is recommended to consider the legitimacy of the sponsors you wish to choose. Our immigration experts in the Netherlands can provide you with suitable information and assistance in this matter and can help you obtain the needed visa, just like a Dutch immigration lawyer would do.

 Rules for au pair agencies in the Netherlands

Au pair agencies are valid sponsors in charge of selecting the individuals interested in immigrating in the Netherlands as personal or domestic assistants. Such agencies must attentively select the personnel and need to provide the IND (Immigration and Naturalization in the Netherlands) complete information about the host family, the period for which the individual will work as an au pair, the voluntary work and details about the financial status of the family, in order for the authorities to issue the residence permits. An au pair agency in the Netherlands will be recognized as a sponsor if it has a solid background, financial stability and no bankruptcy involved in the last years.

Employers in the Netherlands recognized as sponsors

The companies established in the Netherlands can hire staff from abroad, in a strong collaboration with the IND in visa, work and residence permits matters. The employer needs to provide the necessary documents and also details about the work contract, position, salary, and employment period.

We kindly invite you to contact our team of immigration advisors in the Netherlands for additional information about the recognized sponsors in the country.


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