Obtain a Self-Employed Dutch Visa

Updated on Friday 16th December 2016

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If you are an independent entrepreneur who wants to work in the country, according to the immigration legislation in the Netherlands, you will need a self-employed Dutch residence permit to do so. The same permit is necessary if you intend to work as a freelancer or practice a profession. 

How to qualify for the self-employed visa in the Netherlands?

In order to obtain the self-employed visa in the Netherlands, the entrepreneur should be awarded certain points. This system based on points was initiated in 2006 and is meant to attract only the foreign entrepreneurs who can significantly contribute to the Dutch economy. 

Citizens of U.S.A. and Japan do not have to obtain these points for the self-employed Dutch residence permit because these countries have signed certain treaties with the Netherlands. Our Netherlands immigration experts can offer more details on these treaties. 

The point system includes:

•   Personal experience: this is comprised of educational background, work experience, previous yearly income, having extended experience as an entrepreneur, experience gained in working with or inside the Netherlands;
•    A business plan: market analysis, financing, organization;
•    Additional value for the local economy: innovation, generating jobs or investment which is about to be made.

A Dutch immigration lawyer can provide more details on this point-based system.

The startup one year visa in the Netherlands

After the beginning of 2015, certain foreign citizens could qualify for an entrepreneur permit which is issued only for one preparatory year, instead.

The Dutch authorities are aware that a lot of startup business owners cannot comply yet with all the criteria for obtaining the self-employed residence permit in the Netherlands. As a result, they introduced the startup visa. This type of visa enables the foreign citizen to live and work in the country for one preparatory year. During this period of time, the foreign citizen collaborates with a business facilitator to prepare the new business so that it complies with the conditions for the normal self-employed Dutch visa

If you wish to obtain the self-employed visa in the Netherlands, please get in touch with our immigration consultants in the Netherlands



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I would like to inquire if how can i have a work visa, or is there a website where i can search for an employer?

Hello Maria! Please send us your request via e-mail office@immigration-netherlands.com and we will reply as fast as possible. Have a great day!

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