Family Reunification in the Netherlands

Updated on Friday 06th January 2017

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Individuals whose partners are currently residing in the Netherlands can join them if they submit a family reunification request. This procedure can be completed if the Dutch resident with whom you wish to live in the Netherlands is an EU national or a non-EU national. The application process will depend on the nationality of the applicant and that of the family member already living in the Netherlands.

Family reunification in the Netherlands is possible if the partner, spouse, and/or children comply with several eligibility criteria. A Dutch immigration lawyer or one of our experts who offers Netherlands immigration services can give you personalized information based on a specific case and the existing family members.

Eligibility criteria for family reunification in the Netherlands

A Dutch resident can apply for a residence permit for his or her family member but only under certain conditions:
- the applicant must have a Dutch residence permit or be a national;
- acknowledge the fact that he or she will have to provide accommodation for the family member who will come and live in the Netherlands;
- be able to financially support the family member coming to the Netherlands. 

Young individuals who are working in the Netherlands in an exchange youth program or those who are temporary working as an au pair may not apply for a residence permit for their relatives.

Individuals who wish to immigrate to Netherlands can find out more about the requirements and criteria for immigration if they talk to a Dutch immigration lawyer or to our consultants who specialize in immigration, naturalization, and civil law issues.

Documents required for family reunification in the Netherlands

The individual for whom a family reunification application is submitted must comply with the following requirements:
- have a valid passport;
- have a clean criminal record;
- be registered with the Municipal Records Database in the Netherlands;
- have healthcare insurance in the Netherlands;

These are just some of the conditions that apply to those individuals who wish to reunite with a family member who already lives and works in the Netherlands. An immigration lawyer in the Netherlands or our Dutch immigration specialists can help answer any additional questions about these requirements.

The admission requirements apply for spouses or registered partners and children under the age of 18. You can contact our Netherlands immigration experts to find out more about the conditions for family reunification in the Netherlands



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