Sponsors of Residence Permit Applicants in the Netherlands

Updated on Monday 09th January 2017

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Sponsors of Residence Permit Applicants in the Netherlands Image
Most types of residence permits (MVV) in the Netherlands require specific sponsors, for instance, if you come to work in the country, then your employer will be referred as a sponsor. The educational institution where you will study is the needed sponsor for your residence permit in the Netherlands. Our immigration specialists in the Netherlands can offer detailed information and suitable help if you want to apply for a residence permit in the country.

What you need to know about the sponsors in the Netherlands

The sponsor or the guarantor in the Netherlands can be the employer, the family member or an educational institution who will take care of the financial matters while living in the country and can also prepare and put forward your residence permit application. It is good to know that there are two types of sponsorships in the Netherlands:

•    the recognized sponsors: institutions, enterprises, organizations, educational centers;
•    the non-recognized sponsors; the natural persons.

The highly skilled migrants, the scientists, the students need to have mandatory recognized sponsors, in order to obtain a residence permit and to legally stay in the Netherlands. The voluntarily recognized sponsor is necessary for overseas employees who work at a specific time of the year and have registered incomes. Also, the ones who have a European blue card and come for particular training sessions in the Netherlands can apply for a voluntarily recognized sponsor. The immigration authorities in the Netherlands are in charge of any information about the available sponsors in the country and need to be informed about all the changes regarding the employers.

As a reminder, just like any Dutch immigration lawyer, our experts in immigration in the Netherlands can offer assistance when preparing the documents for a residence permit in the country, such as:

•    a valid passport;
•    details and financial statements from your bank, to prove you can support yourself during your stay in the Netherlands;
•    a letter from your sponsor which offers details about the job, the income and the duration of the employment;
•    travel insurance available for Schengen area;
•    a copy of the employment contract which proves the purpose of your stay;
•    proof of the paid fee.

According to the rules and regulations related to the immigration in the Netherlands, the non-EU or non-EEA citizens are obliged to take the tuberculosis test. The application for the residence permit can be submitted at the Dutch consulate or embassy from your home country. It is good to know that your sponsor (family member settled in the Netherlands, company or college) can apply for the Entry and Residence Permit after gathering the necessary documents. The Dutch department of Immigration and Naturalization (IND) is in charge of issuing the residence permits after a suitable verification of the sponsor

Residence permits for overseas students in the Netherlands

Any foreign student who wants to follow certain programmes in the Dutch colleges will need a student visa for the Netherlands and a residence permit.  The sponsor is the college you will attend to, which can take care of the residence permit application if you have provided the needed papers. The interesting part is that any student who graduates in the country is allowed to stay another full year in the Netherlands with the same legal forms, in order to search for a job. Specific conditions related to the sponsorship of the residence permits for students from Norway, Liechtenstein or Iceland, and their family members will apply.

Exactly like an immigration lawyer in the Netherlands, our consultants can provide you with assistance and information about how to apply for a Dutch student visa or about how to immigrate to the Netherlands.

Get in touch with our team of immigration advisors in the Netherlands for extra information about the sponsors of residence permit applicants in the Netherlands.


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