Family Members of an EEA Citizen with Different Nationality

Updated on Wednesday 06th February 2019

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There are many situations in which an European citizen has family members of other nationalities, who intend to move as well in the Netherlands. Their stay on Dutch territory is regulated by a specific procedure through the IND (Dutch immigration and naturalization service). Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands will provide all the details you need to know if you are a relative of a Dutch or EEA Citizen and you intend to obtain residence permission for the Netherlands

How to obtain a residence permit as a relative of a EEA citizen in Netherlands

If you intend to immigrate in the Netherlands and you want to obtain a permission of stay in the Netherlands you can do so, based on the fact that you are a relative of an EEA citizen, even if you are of different nationality. Not only you but also your family member, who has an EEA nationality, must perform certain steps. First, your relative who is settled in the Netherlands will need to apply for an IND registration for citizens of the Union. This procedure aims at proving the entitlement to residency status of your family member who lives in the Netherlands and who is an EEA/Swiss citizen. Secondly, you will have to apply yourself with the IND office in order to be verified against EU Law which is going to provide you a certificate of lawful residence. 

Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands will help you obtain the relevant information and forms from the IND.

More information concerning relatives of EU/EEA/Swiss citizens, with different nationalities

After you have filled the form for the certification of lawful residence (verification against the EU Law), you need to submit this file with the IND. This procedure must take place at one of the IND desks and cannot be performed by online filing. Before you can go and leave the form at the official desk, you will need first to make an appointment. 

Our consultants in immigration in Netherlands can give you more information on the costs for the application procedure and processing of your data. When applying for the permission to stay in the Netherlands, you will need to prepare as well a set of additional documents to the application form, such as a valid passport and a clean record which can prove that you don’t represent a threat to the public order. A job offer from a sponsor could as well be a favorable element for your application.

Don’t hesitate to contact our specialists in immigration if you want to simplify your application for a residence permit in Netherlands, as a relative of an EEA/Swiss citizen.