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Updated on Friday 04th August 2017

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Our Netherlands immigration agents offer a wide array of services tailored to the needs of expats who are just starting their life in the Netherlands.

The decision to move to the Netherlands to live, work or even study is most likely accompanied by intensive personal planning and is the result of a number of well-informed decisions. Having the help of a local expert can make the entire moving process much easier. 

Permits services for expats in the Netherlands

Citizens of other countries who wish to move to the Netherlands need to obtain residence and/or work permits. The requirements will differ according to nationality, this is why it is recommended to request the help provided by one of our Netherlands immigration agents. 

Our experts can provide you with a complete list of the required residence or work permit documents and can help you submit the application with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND).

Housing services in the Netherlands

Deciding to live in the Netherlands also involves another important step: finding a house for rent or purchase. The Dutch housing market is diverse and there are plenty of options for expats. Large cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam will have higher prices. One of our agents can help you find permanent or temporary accommodation in any of the Dutch cities.

Administration services

The administration services we provide encompass miscellaneous activities like registering with the municipality in the area where you are located, handling the paperwork for renting a house and the subsequent contracts for water, gas, electricity, internet or television subscriptions.

Our Netherlands immigration agents can help you communicate with the local authorities in any of these matters.

Tax services

Expats in the Netherlands will find it very helpful to talk to a tax expert in the country. Our consultants can help you understand the progressive individual taxation system and can help you with tax advice and planning. Individuals who derive income from a Dutch source are required to fill in and submit two forms to the tax authorities: the C-Form and the M form (filed in the year of the move). In order to avoid any mistakes when filling in the forms yourself, you can ask one of our experts for help.

The Netherlands has a 30% ruling scheme in place for highly qualified foreign workers. This means that the employer receives back 30% of the expenses incurred for that employee which are then forwarded to the employee in question. This percentage should be sufficient to cover the expenses related to having to rent a home and sustain oneself while working in the country. We can provide counseling on this matter just like a Dutch immigration lawyer would so that you can better understand your rights as a foreign employee in the country.

Insurance in the Netherlands

When moving to another country it is important to consider getting life insurance. We can help you find the right life insurance policy, conclude a health insurance and a house or liability insurance, as needed for your stay in the country and the type of work that you do.

Mortgage services

Expats in the Netherlands can also consider getting a mortgage. If you want to immigrate to Netherlands and are planning to buy a home, our experts can advise you on the most suitable mortgage plans.

Contact our Netherlands immigration specialists for more information about the services we provide for expats. We can help you make Netherlands your new home.


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