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Updated on Friday 06th January 2017

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The Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) is an administrative body that is part of the Ministry of Security and Justice in the Netherlands. Immigrants who come to the Netherlands from other EU or non-EU countries are allowed to settle in the country based on the conditions implemented by the IND.

The Netherlands immigration applications are handled by the INS. Applicants can make an appointment with the IND at one of its locations throughout the country. Inquiries about the resident permit application procedures can be made at one of these offices. An immigration lawyer in the Netherlands or one of our local experts in immigration matters can help you with your application for a resident permit.

Services provided by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service

The Immigration and Naturalization Service assesses the residence applications submitted by foreign nationals who want to live in the country and who want to become Dutch citizens.

Short stay visas and long stay ones are available as well as study and work permits. Refugees who are seeking solace in the Netherlands are a special category of applicants. 

The Service also handles the issues related to the naturalization of an individual who has been living in the country for a certain amount of time. These individuals can, after a number of years, apply for a Dutch passport

A Dutch immigration lawyer is able to provide you with complete information about the naturalization procedure.

Contacting the Dutch IND

The Immigration and Naturalisation Service has several locations in important Dutch cities. These are located in Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Zwolle and two other cities. Individuals who wish to immigrate to Netherlands can contact the local offices. 

Each application is handled with due care because an individual’s personal situation is never the same. Applicants must comply with the requirements applicable for their type of requested service. The IND is a transparent body: the main forms and fees are listed on their website.

Applicants who are in need of assistance for filling in their applications or who want to find out detailed answers about their specific case before submitting their documents to the IND can talk to an immigration lawyer in the Netherlands.

You can contact us if you need professional legal advice and representation in all immigration and naturalization cases.



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