Immigrate to the Netherlands from Morocco

Updated on Monday 03rd April 2017

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The first wave of Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands was registered between 1965 and 1973 and since then, the country became a good home for numerous people from Morocco, who legally work and live there. If you want to immigrate to the Netherlands from Morocco, you can receive complete information and guidance from our specialists in immigration in the Netherlands. Besides that, people who want to immigrate in the Netherlands are advised to solicit details from our representatives.

Apply for a Dutch visa as a Moroccan citizen

The visa applications, the legislation, and the needed documents when applying for a Dutch visa are supervised by the Dutch Embassy in Rabat, Morocco. A short-stay visa can help Moroccans stay for 90 days in the Netherlands, with the possibility to extend it. Besides that, all citizens from Morocco who are interested in relocating in the Netherlands will need to apply for a residence permit. Persons who want to prolong their stay in the Netherlands will need to apply for a long-stay visa if a valid passport with blank pages, a medical insurance, and bank statements are provided to the immigration office, consulate or embassy.

The "Entry and Residence Procedure" involves two important steps which can help the Moroccan citizens to obtain the visa and the residence permit within one application. Just like a Dutch immigration lawyer, our consultants can offer suitable help and assistance when arranging the documents for a visa or for a residence permit.

Apply for a work permit as a Moroccan citizen in the Netherlands

Numerous Moroccans choose to immigrate to the Netherlands in their search for proper jobs or for family reunification. It is good to know that any Moroccan citizen who successfully applied for work in the Kingdom of the Netherlands (for the offered positions) will need to obtain the Dutch work permit. Usually, the employers can deal with the documents and can grant a letter of employment. A work permit in the Netherlands for a Moroccan citizen can be obtained in 5 weeks, therefore, it is recommended to apply in time for a visa, a residence, and a work permit.

You can receive assistance and guidelines from our experts in immigration in the Netherlands if you are a Moroccan citizen who wants to establish in the country. Please feel free to contact our team.


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