Immigrate to the Netherlands from Egypt

Updated on Monday 03rd April 2017

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People who want to immigrate from Egypt to the Netherlands need to consider the rules and conditions regarding the necessary visas to enter the country. Applying for a Dutch Visa, which is a Schengen visa, needs to be done three months prior to the arrival in the Netherlands. Assistance and complete guidance for obtaining the needed visa to relocate to the Netherlands, besides details about the Dutch residence permit can be obtained from our specialists in immigration in the Netherlands.

Apply for a Dutch visa as a citizen of Egypt

People from Egypt who want to submit the application form of a Dutch visa can visit the Embassy of the Netherlands in Cairo. We strongly recommend you solicit complete guidance and information from our consultants who can help you in the same manner as a Dutch immigration lawyer would do. For a long-term visa to enter the Netherlands, Egyptians should consider the following requirements:

•    the candidates need to provide the valid passport;
•    if the individuals immigrate to the Netherlands for a job offer, he/she should offer an employment letter;
•    a tuberculosis test is mandatory;
•    the applicants need to provide details about the medical insurance;
•    the candidates need to offer a copy of the ID from the home country.

A long-term entry visa for the Netherlands is available for 90 days and can be extended on request, being issued by the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Services). The next step is to apply for an authorization for temporary stay (MVV), which is also issued by the IND.

Apply for a residence permit as an immigrant from Egypt

If you have decided the Netherlands can be your definitive home, you should apply for a Dutch permanent residence permit. This process can start if you have lived for at least five years with no interruptions and you hold a non-permanent residence permit. The authorities in charge will analyze the background of an Egyptian citizen who worked and lived in the Netherlands for at least 5 years and will search if he/she has a clean background and is eligible to obtain the permanent residence permit. We remind that this document comes with the same rights as for any Dutch citizen and gives the right to apply for any kind of job and live in any city in the Netherlands. Citizens from Egypt who are legally established in the Netherlands can solicit guidance in Dutch citizenship matters.

Please feel free to contact our experts in immigration in the Netherlands for further details about how to immigrate from Egypt.


Mamdouh Alaa

April 15, 2017

I really want to immigrate to Netherlands and have a better life there I'm an open mind man and i always want to explore different cultures

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