How to Immigrate to the Netherlands from Dubai

Updated on Friday 06th January 2017

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People who wish to immigrate to the Netherlands from Dubai should apply for a short-stay visa at the local visa application centers and to pay the consulate tax, which is about AED 108. This type of visa grants a maximum stay of 90 days and certain conditions are mandatory, in order to obtain the permit to enter the Netherlands. If you want to live, work or study in the Netherlands, you should apply for a long-stay entry visa, besides a residence permit. Our immigration consultants in the Netherlands can offer suitable information and guidance for all individuals who wish to settle in this country.

Conditions to enter the Netherlands from Dubai

Any individual who wants to immigrate to the Netherlands from Dubai must apply for a visa at the Dutch consulate. There are specific documents to prepare and conditions to meet when applying for a visa to enter the Netherlands. Exactly as a Dutch immigration lawyer, our immigration expert in the Netherlands will help you prepare the necessary documentation and will provide you with essential information before you immigrate from Dubai to the Netherlands. Consider the following papers when applying for a short-stay visa to enter the Netherlands from Dubai:

•    you must fill the application form and to prepare 2 photos;
•    you need to have a valid passport;
•    you must provide a valid insurance of at least EUR 30,000, available for the entire stay in the Netherlands;
•    you need to show the return tickets;
•    you must show a cover letter which stipulates the reasons for your visit in the Netherlands.

Long-stay visas for Dubai citizens

This type of visa is available for Dubai citizens who wish to stay longer in the Netherlands and can be granted for more than 90 days, under a special regime and conditions. It is recommended to formerly talk to one of our immigration representatives in the Netherlands who can help you with the preparation of the documents for this type of visa, just like an immigration lawyer in Netherlands would do.

Why immigrate from Dubai to the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is one of the most populated countries in Europe that have opened doors to all citizens who want to work, study or live here. According to statistics, the Netherlands has a low crime rate, excellent social welfare systems, fruitful economy and proper conditions for living. People from UAE and especially from Dubai choose to change the lifestyle and to achieve new professional objectives in a country that provides suitable conditions to foreigners worldwide. The Netherlands has a great health system and as an interesting fact, there are more bikes than citizens. Although is a small country, the Netherlands offers many business opportunities and changes to professionally develop.

If you are interested in immigrating from Dubai to the Netherlands, you are invited to contact our team of immigration consultants in the Netherlands for additional details and guidance.


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