Other Reasons for Obtaining a Dutch Residence Permit

Updated on Friday 29th September 2017

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Other Reasons for Obtaining a Dutch Residence Permit Image
A Dutch residence permit allows you to live and work lawfully in the country and benefit from the same rights as an individual who has Dutch nationality. The most important advantage of holding a residence permit in the Netherlands is that you no longer have to obtain a work permit in the country. Medical and social situations represent other reasons for obtaining a Dutch residence permit. Our experts in immigration in the Netherlands can give you a detailed description of these reasons.

Situations which can grant you a Dutch residence permit

The Dutch residence permit is the legal document attesting your right to stay and work within the country. Nevertheless, there are other advantages entitled by this residence permit. We provide you with a list of other reasons for obtaining a Dutch residence permit:

•    EU resident – if you are a EU citizen you are entitled to apply for a Dutch residence permit; 
•   Medical treatment – you can apply for a Dutch residence permit in order to benefit from a specific medical treatment which is not available in your country of origin;
•    You are a victim of honor related or domestic violence;
•    You are a witness or a victim of human trafficking;
•    You wish to return to the Netherlands as a former Dutch citizen or any other national who has lived in the country on the basis of a residence permit;
•   You want to stay in the Netherlands based on Article 8 ECHR - the right to private and family right can help you obtain a residence permit in the Netherlands, although you don`t meet the technical requirements for a residence permit;
•    Placement in an institution or a foster home based on the Hague Convention on Protection of Children – this allows children to obtain a Dutch residence permit until they become of age;  
•    You are unable to leave the country due to no fault of your own;
•    You find yourself in a non-temporary humanitarian situation.

Our immigration specialists in Netherlands can explain to you what reasons qualify you for a residence permit and help you with the application.


Obtain a residence permit as a foreign investor in the Netherlands

If you are a foreign businessman who wants to invest in the Dutch economy, you can obtain a residence permit by investing in the Netherlands. The minimum requirements for this type of residence permit include: an investment of 1,250,000 EUR into a Dutch company, the deposit of this amount into a Dutch bank or a bank of an EU member state with a branch in the Netherlands and bring an added value to the Dutch economy through your investment.
We kindly invite you to contact our team of advisors in Netherlands immigration if you need help in applying for a residence permit.  



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