Highly Skilled Migrant Program in the Netherlands

Updated on Monday 05th June 2017

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The Netherlands is a destination for migrants from all over the world, because of the quality life standards and democratic tradition of this country. Many highly skilled migrants find in the Netherlands their new home. Just like any Dutch immigration lawyer, our consultants can give you the essential information on the Dutch Immigration Authority (IND) and its requirements for the obtaining of a residence permit in this country. 

The situation of highly skilled migrants in the Netherlands

Depending on their formation the highly skilled migrants receive when employed salaries corresponding to their level of qualification. Different regimes apply to the knowledge migrants who have graduated a Dutch university or to those who make proof of a high qualification recognised in this country, thus making immigration in the Netherlands an attractive option for skilled people. 

If you intend to immigrate in the Netherlands and you have obtained a Dutch diploma, you will have to obtain a job payed with a minimum of 2 272 Euro in order to get a residence permit. If the graduate has exceptional results, he/she is allowed to initiate the residence permit procedure within three years after finishing the studies in the university. Our specialists in immigration in Netherlands may assist you find the useful information for your particular situation in this country.

More information of the residence permit for skilled migrants in the Netherlands 

The Netherlands allows immigrants to find work even if they have not yet decided to remain in this country for more than one year. This country tries to accommodate highly skilled migrants even for a short time in suitable work conditions. 

Work permits issued for one year cannot be prolonged. At the end of the search year, allowed to the migrant in order to find a job, the purpose of the stay must change, or the person is forced to leave the country. 

Just like an immigration lawyer in Netherlands, one of our experts can make for you an overall picture of the Dutch immigration system in order to find an appropriate solution to your concern. Don’t hesitate to contact us regarding any question you may have concerning immigration in Netherlands.


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