Immigration Lawyers in Amsterdam

Immigration Lawyers in Amsterdam image September 17, 2021

Our team of immigration lawyers in Amsterdam can help you move to the Netherlands. We work with foreign nationals who wish to come to the country for business or employment purposes.

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DAFT Visa image February 11, 2021

U.S. investors can immigrate to the Netherlands under the Dutch-American Friendship Treaty.

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Netherlands Citizenship by Descent

Netherlands Citizenship by Descent image January 23, 2021

Acquiring Netherlands citizenship by descent is an alternative to naturalization for those who have family ties to Dutch citizens.

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Business Visa Netherlands

Business Visa Netherlands image November 16, 2020

The startup visa is a scheme that allows foreign investors to open an innovative business and, for the duration of one year, use the support they are given by an experienced facilitator to grow the startup into a functioning business.

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GVVA Visa for Netherlands

GVVA Visa for Netherlands image June 19, 2020

The GVVA visa for Netherlands is also known as the single permit, a document that combines both the residence and the work permits.

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Spouse Visa for Netherlands

Spouse Visa for Netherlands image May 25, 2020

If your spouse or partner already lives in the Netherlands or is a Dutch national, you can join them under certain conditions.

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Netherlands Freelance Visa

Netherlands Freelance Visa image May 19, 2020

The Netherlands freelance visa is also known as the visa for the self-employed individuals, those who intend to work in the country as independent entrepreneurs or professionals.

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Highly Skilled Migrant Visa Netherlands

Highly Skilled Migrant Visa Netherlands image April 24, 2020

The Netherlands is a destination for migrants from all over the world, because of the quality life standards and democratic tradition of this country.

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Working Holiday Visa Netherlands

Working Holiday Visa Netherlands image April 24, 2020

The Netherlands has a special working holiday scheme applicable to Canadians, South Koreans, Australians or New Zealanders.

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Orientation Year Visa Netherlands

Orientation Year Visa Netherlands image April 24, 2020

The orientation year permit in the Netherlands is an important document which allows non-EU graduated citizens to search for suitable jobs according to their specializations.

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