Why Choose to Study in the Netherlands?

Updated on Friday 17th March 2017

Why Choose to Study in the Netherlands? Image
Considering the recent statistics and numbers, the Netherlands offers competitive and interesting education programmes for all people searching for academic satisfaction and further development. Compared to other countries, the Netherlands has numerous colleges with all kinds of modern facilities, putting the accent on quality and suitable learning. If you want to immigrate to the Netherlands, we invite you to solicit help and guidance from our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands, who can offer details about the types of visas and permits to legally enter and live in the country.

The Dutch education, an appreciated system worldwide

Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Amsterdam University, Free University of Amsterdam, Leiden College, Wageningen School, Hanze University of applied sciences, Hague University, Ninerode Business University are on top schools preferred by numerous individuals interested in investing in a better education and future. The openness of Dutch culture has always been an attraction to many people in search for something different and also personal development. The education system in the Netherlands is made up of professional staff, always ready to guide and direct students on different paths and significant projects. Citizens from Germany, China, Mexico, England, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Greece or Latvia benefit from complete and suitable facilities and activities offered by the Dutch universities, besides all sorts of academic challenges.

We remind that you can receive information about how to relocate to the Netherlands from our immigration experts in Netherlands. They can help you with the same methods a Dutch immigration lawyer would use.

The student life in the Netherlands

Once you are accepted into the Dutch college, you will get used to the real student life, with interesting academic activities, top-class campuses, recreation and sports activities intended to adjust with every need. It is good to know that all the universities in the Netherlands have associations and interesting communities where you can perfectly fit in and socialize, strongest attributes when it comes to the openness of the Dutch people. And it is good to know that people in the Netherlands do know how to have fun, besides getting an education in high-class colleges in the country.

If you want to study at a Dutch university, we recommend you to contact our team of immigration lawyers in the Netherlands for guidelines and comprehensive information.