Ten Interesting Facts about the Netherlands

Updated on Wednesday 14th December 2016

Ten Interesting Facts about the Netherlands Image
The Netherlands is a small yet charming country. Known for its tulips, windmills, cheese and the world-famous Amsterdam, the country is much more than meets the eye. Those who want to immigrate to Netherlands will first be interested in the usual formalities like their visa and the residence permit but getting to know the culture of the country is just as important. Here are ten interesting facts about the Dutch and their small country.

1. Low Netherlands:

The country is the lowest one in Europe with about 26 percent being sited below sea level.

2. The Netherlands ranks extremely well in English proficiency:

The Dutch are very good English speakers and a large number of those foreigners who are interested in Netherlands immigration are highly skilled and speak two languages, including English.

3. The Dutch were the first country to legalize same-sex marriages:

The Dutch do not bother much with race, politics or sexual orientation. The country was the first to legalize gay marriage.

4. Living in the Netherlands means living healthy:

Planning on immigrating to the Netherlands and are also a healthy food lover? Then this is the country for you. The Dutch are know for being a country with affordable, healthy and nutritious food.

5. More than 1,000 windmills:

Traditional windmills still stand in the Netherlands and some date back as far as 1850.

6. The Dutch took back their land:

They took back their land from the sea; an entire province is made of land reclaimed from under the water.

7. More bikes than people:

The Netherlands is known for its large number of bicycles and their number is actually larger than the number of the people living in the country.

8. One-fifth of the Dutch population is foreign:

Many foreigners were tempted by Netherlands immigration. The multicultural vibe is best felt in Amsterdam. 

9. The home of the first microscope:

The first compound microscope was built by the Dutch around 1590. 

10. Founding member:

The Netherlands was a founding member of the European Union.

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