How immigrants contribute to the Dutch economy

Updated on Sunday 04th June 2017

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The Modern Migration Policy Act in the Netherlands acknowledges the positive influence of the immigrants on the Dutch economy. Several economic sectors in the Netherlands attract large numbers of highly skilled migrants. Due to the Dutch system of recognized sponsors, immigrants coming from a non-EU country can easily find a job and contribute to the Dutch economy. Further details about the immigrants` contribution to the Dutch economy can be given to you by our experts in immigration in the Netherlands.

Positive effects of immigration on the Dutch economy

Local authorities in the Netherlands have conducted conclusive studies regarding the economic contribution of the immigrants. These are the main advantages of immigration to the Dutch economy:

•    The increase of the gross domestic product due to the wages paid to immigrants;
•    A decrease of the unemployment rate in the Netherlands – migrants take vacant job positions;
•    An improve in the quality of Dutch research institutes – innovative the academic staff from abroad is encouraged to relocate to the Netherlands and help entrepreneurs create new and more effective products;
•    Immigration compensates for the rising costs of the Dutch government due to the aging of the population – young migrants employed in the Dutch labor market offer a major contribution to alleviate public finances;
•    The average income of the resident population increases due to accommodation expenditures made by immigrants into the Netherlands.

One of our agents specialized in immigration to the Netherlands can give you more information about the contribution of immigrants to the Dutch economy.

Fiscal impact of immigration on the Dutch economy

Immigrants in the Netherlands have a positive fiscal impact on the economy due to their young age at entry and to their social characteristics. The younger they are, the more they contribute to the social security and improve the public finances. Immigration in the Netherlands is a desirable economic phenomenon due to a low national birth rate, combined with an ageing population. Another positive impact of immigration on the Dutch economy is efficient allocation on the labor market. Immigrants in the Netherlands usually go there where labor is wanted and eliminate fluctuations in labor demand. Jobs translate into taxes paid to local budgets, sustaining the educational and health system in the Netherlands.
If you want an in-depth presentation of the contribution brought by immigrants to the Dutch economy, contact our consultants in immigration in the Netherlands.

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