Guide on salary, minimum wage and payslips in Netherlands

Updated on Thursday 22nd June 2017

Guide on salary, minimum wage and payslips in Netherlands Image
Many persons who immigrate to the Netherlands and apply for a work permit or obtain a job there should be informed as well on the salary schemes in this country. Twice a year, on the 1st of January and the 1st of July, a new minimum wage is established and employees have the right to receive from their employers at least this amount of money for their work.  If you want to find out key aspects on your earning rights are in this country you can rely on one of our immigration lawyers in Netherlands can be your guide on salary, minimum wage and payslips in Netherlands.

Basic salary data for the Netherlands 

In January 2017 the minimum wage for Netherlands was established at the rate of 1551.60 euros per month. If you have a work permit in this country it means that you have the right to this base salary, if you are over 23 years old and if you are a full-time employee.

‚ÄčThe number of hours per week varies between 36 and 40. Some employers use additionally another system of paying their employees - with hourly rates – which is applied for the payment of overtime. The amount of money which adds to the base salary is calculated as the total working hours multiplied by the hourly rate. 

If you want to find out more details on various types of salary schemes or about how the withholding taxes are calculated, you can discuss your questions with our immigration lawyer in Netherlands.

How to read your payslips in Netherlands?

The withholding taxes, which are payed by the employer from your gross wage depend from one case to the other, so some small dissimilarities may appear in the net minimum wage that you will receive compared to another person. Moreover, the difference between the gross monthly amount and the net salary comes from the taxes which are retained from it, such as the payroll tax and the social security tax. These taxes are contributions to health insurances, unemployment compensations and pensions, thus granting each employee an increased level of safety and stability. 

The holiday allowance is calculated usually as 8% of your annually income which equates roughly with the monthly amount. You might receive as well performance-based bonuses, if your employer uses this policy. 

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our consultants who just like any immigration lawyer in Netherlands can inform you on your employee rights in view of your working permit in this country.