First steps for immigrants to accommodate in the Netherlands

Updated on Thursday 21st September 2017

First steps for immigrants to accommodate in the Netherlands Image
People who immigrate to Netherlands can integrate much easier if they know from advance what to expect from their destination. One of our immigration consultants can give you an overall picture of the social and legal framework with which you will have to accommodate in the Netherlands.

Most important legal aspects to settle in order to accommodate in the Netherlands

One of the first things an immigrant in Netherlands needs to ensure is the legal stay in this country. This is why the obtaining of a visa is vital if you come from a country which does not has special agreements with the Netherlands. Apart from people from the Schengen area, anyone who enters the Dutch territory will have to check the conditions that the authorities impose concerning the visa approval. The requirements might vary a lot depending on the period you wish to stay in this country and on the purpose you have for moving in the Netherlands.

Another key issue of which your accommodation in this country depends is to integrate in the medical and insurance system. One of our immigration consultants in Netherlands can help you understand the national regulations concerning healthcare. You might need to take several vaccines, depending on your place of origin.

More tips for fast accommodation in the Netherlands

When you arrive in the Netherlands it is important to appear in the population evidence of the authorities. This is why the Dutch Law demands from the foreigners to register with the local Town Hall in the first two weeks from arrival. It is important to find a housing option so that you can provide to the Town Hall a rental contract with a fixed address.

Your accommodation in Netherlands will not be slowed down by a lack of knowledge in the Dutch language. Most of the population speaks English as a second language and you can use English as well in your interaction with the authorities. 

For any other questions concerning the first steps of accommodation in with the Dutch socio-cultural framework, feel free to contact one of our experts in immigration in Netherlands.

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