The Residence Endorsement Sticker in Netherlands

Updated on Wednesday 27th January 2021

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Citizens from non-EU countries who want to enter the Netherlands for tourism, business, work or studies must apply for a Dutch visa. People who intend to settle in the Netherlands need to apply for a residence permit, which comes with an endorsement sticker that proves they can legally live in the country.

The residence endorsement sticker is only applied for the first time the individual submits an application for a residence permit in Netherlands. All of the stickers have the same design and they include information on the type of document they are issued for.

If you want to obtain suitable information and guidance about the type of visa or residence permit you need to enter the Netherlands, you can ask our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands.

What you need to know about the Dutch residence endorsement sticker

Some of the basic information about residence endorsement stickers include the following:
  1. Costs: there is no charge or fee for the issuance of the residence endorsement sticker;
  2. Ability to travel: this is not a substitute for a travel document; the applicant will also need his valid passport and a return visa if required.
  3. Validity: the validity period depends on the purpose of the endorsement sticker but it cannot exceed six months.
  4. Information: the data included on the sticker is the passport number, the V-number, the expiry date of the sticker and information about the work status.

The IND (Immigration and Naturalization Services) is in charge of issuing the Dutch visas and the residence permits for all foreigners interested in immigrating in the Netherlands or visiting the country for different purposes. A residence endorsement sticker makes proof of your legal right to live and also to work in the Netherlands and it is applied on your passport or on other important identification documents. If your residence permit in Netherlands is about to expire or has expired, it is recommended to apply for an extension. While your Dutch documents are prepared, the immigration authorities will offer a residence endorsement sticker on your passport, in order to avoid the possibility of being an illegal immigrant in the Netherlands.

The Dutch endorsement sticker is applied by the immigration officers on your passport or other travel documents as soon as you have submitted your papers for a residence permit in the Netherlands. Take into consideration that the validity of such a sticker will not exceed six months. The validity will increase with one month if your passport is about to expire soon. In the same manner, as a Dutch immigration lawyer, our consultants will provide you with complete and proper assistance while applying for a residence permit

Applications for a residence endorsement sticker

Individuals can apply for a residence endorsement sticker in the following situations:
  • First application: when it is their first time applying for a residence permit; an appointment for the application can be scheduled;
  • In case of an appeal: an objection or an appeal have already been registered with a Dutch court and the applicant is allowed to stay in the country;
  • Provisional ruling: also applicable to those who have applied for a provisional ruling and are allowed to wait for the finalization in the Netherlands.
  • EU intra-mobility: when the applicant’s stay in the country is in the context of EU intra-mobility.
  • Different permit: when the applicant has applied for a change of the purpose of stay for the permit.
A Dutch immigration lawyer from our team can help evaluate your case if you are unsure of whether or not a situation is applicable in your case.
The appointment can be made with the Immigration, Naturalization Department only after the application has been submitted, and the applicant has received a receipt acknowledgment letter. The appointment can be made by the individual in person or by his sponsor.
Once the appointment is scheduled, the applicant will present himself at the due date with his valid passport or another travel document, the appointment code (for online applications) and the current residence permit, which is expired. When applicable, the applicant will bring the report of theft from the police, when the former permit was lost or stolen.
The applicant is required to come in person in order to collect the endorsement sticker from the Immigration and Naturalization Department Desk. For minors, they will be accompanied by a parent or a legal representative when they collect and apply for the sticker.
One of our Netherlands immigration agents can provide investors with more details about the appointment and how the residence endorsement sticker is issued. We also offer services to those who are already living in the country and wish to know more about the eligibility criteria for obtaining Dutch citizenship.

The conditions to obtain a Dutch residence permit - presented by our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has always offered plenty of work opportunities for all citizens from abroad. The young people are searching for proper and important schools here, and decide to relocate in the Netherlands, obtaining the same rights as any Dutch citizen, if they live with legal forms. A Dutch residence permit is a very important document that is issued by the IND, has a five-year validity and can be extended three months before the expiration date. If you provide the IND your identification papers, proof of your financial status and the reasons for your stay in the Netherlands, you will obtain the Dutch residence permit. We remind you that a residence endorsement sticker will be applied on your passport while the residence permit is prepared.
Individuals who have lived continuously and lawfully in the Netherlands for at least five years can apply for permanent residence. An important condition is for the applicant to not have spent more than six or more consecutive months out of the country during the five years or for three years in row 4 or more consecutive months.  One of our Dutch immigration lawyers can give you more details on obtaining permanent residence in the country.
The application for permanent residence in the Netherlands is done by submitting all of the required documents, including proof of having an independent and sustainable income. Individuals can apply online for their permanent residence permit. The application fee is approximately 171 euros and minor children will pay less than 60 euros for the application. Please be aware that these fees may be subject to change.
The Netherlands is a popular destination for immigrants, basing its popularity to the favorable living conditions, the developed business field and the opportunities for employment. These characteristics determine many foreign nationals to apply for Dutch citizenship. In the first quarters of 2018, it was reported that the country’s population grew by more than 80,000, with foreign migration being the top factor for this growth. The provisional figures for 2017 and 2018 were:
  • Europe: in 2018, 35,729 people an din 2017, 30.293;
  • Asia: in 2018 16.907 and in 2017, 25.641;
  • Africa: in 2018 7.788 and in 2017, 4.629.
Immigration from European countries has been on the rise, with increased numbers of Bulgarians and Romanians coming to the country. for migration-specific details, please refer to one of our specialists.

We kindly invite you to contact our team of immigration lawyers in the Netherlands for extra information about the Dutch residence endorsement sticker.