The Residence Endorsement Sticker in Netherlands

Updated on Thursday 09th March 2017

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Citizens from non-EU countries who want to enter the Netherlands for tourism, business, work or studies must apply for a Dutch visa. People who intend to settle in the Netherlands need to apply for a residence permit, which comes with an endorsement sticker that proves they can legally live in the country. If you want to obtain suitable information and guidance about the type of visa or residence permit you need to enter the Netherlands, you can ask our specialists about immigration in the Netherlands.

What you need to know about the Dutch residence endorsement sticker

The IND (Immigration and Naturalization Services) is in charge of issuing the Dutch visas and the residence permits for all foreigners interested in immigrating in the Netherlands or visiting the country for different purposes. A residence endorsement sticker makes proof of your legal right to live and also to work in the Netherlands and it is applied on your passport or on other important identification documents. If your residence permit is about to expire or has expired, it is recommended to apply for an extension. While your Dutch documents are prepared, the immigration authorities will offer a residence endorsement sticker on your passport, in order to avoid the possibility of being an illegal immigrant in the Netherlands.

The Dutch endorsement sticker is applied by the immigration officers on your passport or other travel documents as soon as you have submitted your papers for a residence permit in the Netherlands. Take into consideration that the validity of such sticker will not exceed six months. The validity will increase with one month if your passport is about to expire soon. In the same manner, as a Dutch immigration lawyer, our consultants will provide you with complete and proper assistance while applying for a residence permit

The conditions to obtain a Dutch residence permit

The Netherlands has always offered plenty of work opportunities for all citizens from abroad. The young people are searching for proper and important schools here, and decide to relocate in the Netherlands, obtaining the same rights as any Dutch citizen, if they live with legal forms. A Dutch residence permit is a very important document which is issued by the IND, has a five-year validity and can be extended three months before the expiration date. If you provide the IND your identification papers, proof of your financial status and the reasons for your stay in the Netherlands, you will obtain the Dutch residence permit. We remind that a residence endorsement sticker will be applied on your passport while the residence permit is prepared.

We kindly invite you to contact our team of experts in immigration in the Netherlands for extra information about the Dutch residence endorsement sticker.


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