Obtain Permanent Asylum Residence Permit in Netherlands

Updated on Thursday 10th February 2022

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Obtain Permanent Asylum Residence Permit in Netherlands Image
According to the Dutch immigration legislation, one way you can continue to live permanently in the Netherlands is if you obtain permanent asylum permit. Just like any other Dutch residence permit, the asylum residence permit can be obtained in specific conditions. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can give you extensive information about the application procedure for the asylum residence permit.

Conditions to be met in order to apply for asylum residence permit in the Netherlands

We provide you with a list of the main requirements for obtaining permanent asylum residence permit in the Netherlands. These are as follows:

•    You already hold a temporary asylum residence permit for 5 years and you still meet all the requirements for a temporary asylum residence permit;
•    You have a derived asylum permit issued by the IND as a family member traveling in connection with family reunification;
•    You have undergone the procedure of registration with the municipality in the Netherlands – your BRP number will be checked by the IND;
•    You have a valid residence permit until the IND processes your asylum residence permit application;
•    You have passed the civic integration examination (or you are exempt from taking this exam);
•    Bring proof that you have enough independent long-term income to sustain yourself in the Netherlands.

The fulfillment of these conditions is supported by a list of documents attached to the asylum residence permit applicationOur immigration lawyer in the Netherlands can tell you if you are eligible for asylum residence permit.  

Asylum residence permit application process in the Netherlands

If you want to obtain a permanent asylum residence permit in the Netherlands, you must submit an application with the IND. These are the steps you must follow:

•    Submit the application form and the supporting documents and pay the necessary fees – you apply with the IND in person, preferably four weeks before your residence permit expires. You don`t need a sponsor in the Netherlands for the asylum residence permit application;
•    Receive the confirmation letter from the IND attesting that your application has been received. You can go to the IND desk and provide them with your biometric information;
•    Collect your permanent asylum residence permit from the IND desk. If you are not granted the permanent asylum residence permit you can request an explanation from the immigration authorities within six month from the negative decision.

A series of rights and obligation derive from holding a permanent asylum residence permit in the Netherlands. If you need help in applying for this residence permit, feel free to contact our team of immigration lawyers in the Netherlands.