Obtain a Residence Permit by Investing in the Netherlands

Updated on Monday 31st July 2017

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Obtain a Residence Permit by Investing in the Netherlands Image
Usually in the Netherlands the obtaining of a residence permit is a different issue than the company formation procedure. However, certain investments can allow you to obtain as well a residence permit so that you can live and conduct your enterprise from the same place. Just like any immigration lawyer in Netherlands, one of our consultants can be your guide through the official requirements and can help you elaborate all the documentation necessary so that you can have in this country both your new place of residence and of investment

Main conditions to qualify for a residence permit by investment in Netherlands

People who want to move to the Netherlands and start an important investment in this country can obtain easily a residence permit. However they must follow certain conditions imposed by the authorities. As such, there is a minimum investment of €1,250,000, which grants you the possibility to become a Dutch resident. This money can be invested in a local company, but the same amount put in real estate will not allow you the same benefits in matters of residency
Another condition which must be followed when starting a company is to deposit the initial capital in a Dutch bank or at least in a EU bank which has a branch in the Netherlands. The investor must as well be able to show that the money have been legally obtained, in order to maintain the clarity in the financial transactions.
If you have any other questions regarding the procedure of obtaining a residence permit in the Netherlands along an investment in this country you can discuss in detail with one of our consultants in immigration in the Netherlands.

More conditions for the obtaining of a residence permit by investing in the Netherlands

As a person who wants to start a business in the Netherlands and to obtain a residence permit, you will need to prove to the authorities that your enterprise has added value for the local economy. In order to calculate this, the Dutch state operates through a specialized body, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). The agency utilizes a point system through which your start-up is going to be evaluated. The most points are obtained for the following criteria:
Whether a business will create 10 working places in the first years of functioning;
Whether the business puts an accent on innovation;
Whether the business brings to the Dutch economy specific knowledge, clients and networks which can prove fruitful in the future years. 
Please feel free to contact one of our consultants who, just like any Dutch immigration lawyer can help you start your business in the Netherlands and facilitate the obtaining of your residency permit


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