Moving to the Netherlands from Thailand

Updated on Tuesday 19th February 2019

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Individuals who want to move to the Netherlands from Thailand need a residence permit in order to legally stay and live in the country. You can obtain an entry and residence permit at the same time through the TEV procedure. The application for the residence permit can be done in Thailand, at a Dutch embassy or consulate or in the Netherlands through a Dutch sponsor. Detailed information about residence permit application can be given to you by our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands.

Dutch residence permits for Thai employees

There are multiple options for obtaining a Dutch residence permit if you want to work in the Netherlands as an employee (labor migrant). A Thai employee can apply for a single permit which combines both residence permit and work permit in the Netherlands. Before applying for a residence permit, your employer in the Netherlands must obtain a work authorization according to the purpose of employment According to the provisions of the Dutch immigration law, for highly skilled migrants, the work authorization is included in their residence permit. The application for employee single permit has to be submitted with the IND offices. Your application will then be forwarded to the Dutch Employment Agency, which will make the final decision regarding your work permit. Your employer will be notified by the IND in case the work permit application is successful. The permit consists of two documents: a residence document and a separate work permit, stating the working conditions and the name of the employer that you will be working for. Certain immigrant categories are not eligible for the single permit.
Comprehensive information regarding the Dutch residence permits for Thai workers can be provided to you by our immigration lawyer in Netherlands.  

Dutch citizenship for Thai nationals

If you moved to the Netherlands from Thailand and have lived there for five uninterrupted years, you can become eligible for Dutch citizenship through the naturalization process. There are specific conditions to fulfill in order to become a Dutch citizen:

•    You can write and speak Dutch and have a civic integration diploma attesting this;
•    You renounce your Thai nationality;
•    You attend the naturalization ceremony in the Netherlands;
•    You take the declaration of solidarity accepting that the Dutch laws also apply to you.

If you want to know the specific conditions for becoming a Dutch citizen, we invite you to contact our immigration lawyer in Netherlands.