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Updated on Saturday 04th March 2023

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Our team of immigration lawyers in Amsterdam can help you move to the Netherlands. We work with foreign nationals who wish to come to the country for business or employment purposes, as well as those who wish to attend a Dutch university or join their family members living in Amsterdam.
Staying in the Netherlands is subject to a number of conditions, and these depend on your purpose of stay. By working with us, you will be able to understand your options as well as make sure that your application for a Dutch residence permit is accepted by the authorities (as opposed to risking its rejection for incomplete documentation).
You can find out more about our services below and you can always reach out to us if you need more details about how we can assist you.

What are the services provided by our immigration lawyers Amsterdam?

We are a team of dedicated lawyers in Amsterdam who specialize in immigration. We understand that each foreign national who comes to the country has different motives and that their journey will be different, depending on their background and on whether or not they are relocating to Amsterdam with their family members.
We can provide assistance for the following:
  • Work permits: we offer complete solutions for Amsterdam migration for employment purposes for foreign employees irrespective of the industry in which they are looking to secure a job position;
  • Highly skilled employees or international talent: if you are a non-EU/EEA foreign national, you can come to the Netherlands as a highly-skilled migrant, provided that you have an employment contract with a research institution and that you have a recognized sponsor;
  • Opening a business: we can help you apply for a permit that allows you to work as an independent entrepreneur or as a start-up founder;
  • Family reunification: our immigration lawyers in Amsterdam can help you apply for a residence permit that will allow you to join your spouse or another family member who is already a Dutch temporary or permanent resident;
  • Citizenship: if you have already been living in the Netherlands for at least 5 years, we can help you apply for citizenship through naturalization.
Our immigration lawyers in Amsterdam offer you complete assistance and inform you of the status of your application as soon as this is updated. We are here to answer your questions and to make sure that you understand what is expected of you in order to lawfully enter the country. 

Our immigration lawyers are able to answer all questions concerning residency in the Netherlands. Do you need to apply for a residence permit yourself? This will be easier with our guidance. Do you need to apply for an authorization for temporary stay (MVV) in addition to a residence permit? Our agents will guide you. Moreover, we will also give you details on those cases in which you need a sponsor.

You can discuss all matters related to applying for Dutch citizenship with our Amsterdam-based specialists. While it is true that not many applicants qualify for citizenship by acknowledgment or by birth, all other nationals still have the option to apply for citizenship via the naturalization procedure. The processing time for this application can be longer and our team can give you details.

The following video summarizes the services we offer to our Amsterdam clients:


What are the steps for Amsterdam immigration?

The applications you will need to submit to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) depend on your purpose of stay in the Netherlands. The supporting documentation differs when you are coming to the country to work, as opposed to when you are arriving in the Netherlands to live with your spouse or partner.

The purpose for your long-term stay in the Netherlands can include the following:
  • Work: you need a residence permit and, in some cases a work permit (TWV); the requirements differ according to the type of work one will engage in;
  • Study: you wish to study in the Netherlands at one of the educational institutions or you wish to obtain work experience as a trainee;
  • Entrepreneurship: a residence permit is needed for those who wish to relocate to the country to start a business or work as a self-employed individual;
  • Reuniting with family: a residence permit is needed for those who wish to join another family member; different conditions apply for a partner, for the parents, the adopted child or for the family members of refugees.
There are other short-term purposes that may be of interest to our clients, and we can also provide assistance with these. Included here is arrival in the country as an au-pair. In this case, the individual will live with the host family and a residence permit will be required. An important condition is to remain in the country through a recognized au pair agency. Other conditions include being aged 18 to 30, not engaging in work that is reserved for specialized care, and not being a family member of the host family of the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree.
Conditions also apply for cultural exchanges or working holidays. Situations such as business visits can qualify as short-term stays when the individual spends no more than 90 days for business purposes. When entering the country for short periods a residence permit will not be required, however, foreign nationals such as Chinese citizens will need a visa to enter the country. 

Understanding the rules set forth by the Government, through the IND and the Ministry of Justice and Social Security, is an important step for being able to comply with all of the legal requirements. This is why talking to our immigration lawyers in Amsterdam is recommended as soon as possible, so that you may understand what is expected of you before your arrival to the Netherlands and as soon as you arrive.
We present the following population statistics according to Statistics Netherlands:
  • 17,541,672: the real time population forecast for September 2021;
  • 24.6% of the people living in the Netherlands have a migration background;
  • there are 8.6 million men and 8.8 million women living in the Netherlands;
  • 16% of the population is aged between 12 and 25 years and 3.1 million people live alone.

Assistance for foreign entrepreneurs in the Netherlands

Coming to the country as an entrepreneur means understanding the local corporate and tax regulations. Understanding how you can run a business in the country and under which legal form is an essential step. Our immigration lawyers in Amsterdam can assist you even as early as planning your arrival in the country. Based on your business goals and nationality, we will give you information on the steps you need to follow, such as getting a visa or applying for a residence permit.
We provide personalized advice on the entry requirements based on nationality and the duration of the stay. For short term stays, we offer assistance with:
  • the short-stay visa which allows the entrepreneur to remain in the country for 180 days; in most cases, this is sufficient to incorporate the company and handle other issues; the requirement to apply for this visa depends on nationality;
  • the provisional residence permit (MVV) is a sticker included on a passport page; this is needed for stays over 90 days and it depends on nationality.
Foreign investors who wish to remain in the country for more than 90 days, start a business and work in their own company will need a residence permit. In most cases, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals will have the work permit linked to their residence permit, however, this depends on the duration of their stay. The same applies to start-up founders.
For those foreign investors who are already lawfully in the country, our team of immigration lawyers in Amsterdam can offer more details on the citizen service number, or BSN, a unique personal number issued to each individual who is recorded in the Personal Records Database.
Some other steps required in the case of entrepreneurs who come to the country include the following:
  • submitting the criminal record statement: this is submitted when applying for the residence permit and it includes a statement that the individual was never convicted of a crime, has not provided false information, and has not traveled to the country unlawful;
  • submit biometric data: these include fingerprints, a photograph, and a signature; an appointment is made with the Immigration and Naturalization Service for the collection of the data;
  • have the qualifications recognized: for some professions, it is mandatory to have the foreign qualifications evaluated and/or recognized.
After you have settled in the country, our lawyers can give you details about the criteria for entrepreneurship and the points system that is used in some cases.
Our team of immigration lawyers in Amsterdam can also provide assistance for company relocation. Sometimes referred to as corporate immigration, we can help you move your business to the Netherlands and base it in Amsterdam. Some UK entrepreneurs have chosen to do so after Brexit, especially if their business activities were highly related to the EU market. Nonetheless, relocating a business to the Netherlands can also prove to be advantageous for foreign investors from other countries.

When should you contact us?

Our Amsterdam immigration team can assist you as soon as you have decided to move to the country, even before you start the application process with the IND. Depending on your country of origin, you may need to follow additional processes, for example, applying for a provisional residence permit, or the MVV.
Once you give us more details about your nationality and situation, we can help you with a detailed outline of the procedures you will need to follow. We recommend reaching out to us before you submit the documents to the IND for a certain type of permit, so that we may confirm that your application is compliant.

Our immigration lawyers also assist citizens from countries that have signed special treaties with the Netherlands, particularly for streamlining investments. The DAFT Treaty is the agreement that allows US nationals to reside in the Netherlands when they are able to make a business investment of a minimum amount or as freelancers. Our team can give you more details upon request. 
Our Amsterdam migration specialists can answer your questions if you wish to know more about relocating to this city or moving between other Dutch cities if you have already handled part of the procedures related to relocating to the Netherlands.
Contact our immigration lawyers Amsterdam today to find out more details about our services and how we can assist you.