Immigrate to the Netherlands from UK

Updated on Thursday 23rd September 2021

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People from the UK do not need a visa to enter the Netherlands, as they are part of the European Union for the moment. Moreover, citizens who want to study or work in the Netherlands do not need a special visa or permit, but for proper living in the country, it is recommended to register with the authorities and to obtain a Dutch residence permit. We invite you to solicit help and guidance from our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands in visa matters or relocation to the Netherlands.

Our team is also able to provide complete assistance to UK nationals living in the country who wish to apply for Dutch citizenship.

Obtain a residence permit as a UK citizen in the Netherlands

Numerous UK citizens choose the attractive job opportunities in the Netherlands, especially if they are highly skilled migrants. If a work permit is not necessary in this case, a Dutch residence permit is mandatory as soon as you arrive in the country. The IND (Immigration and Naturalization Services) issues the Dutch resident permits for all citizens from abroad, including the ones from the United Kingdom. A residence permit in Netherlands can be obtained if you prepare a valid passport for verification with the authorities, provide details about your financial status, prepare a medical insurance available in the Schengen Area and if you offer a copy of a certificate which shows your civic integration. Our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands can help you obtain this important document and can also help the UK citizens to properly integrate in the Netherlands.

UK investors with an innovative business idea can choose to benefit from the advantages for startups in the Netherlands and apply for the Netherlands startup visa.

Dutch citizenship for UK people

If you are from the UK and stayed in the Netherlands for 5 uninterrupted years with a valid residence permit in Netherlands. The period is shorter, only 3 years if you have a Dutch partner, you may be eligible for naturalization in order to obtain citizenship. Persons interested in this matter should make proof they speak and write in the Dutch language. Moreover, if you want to obtain this citizenship you must abandon your present one, as part of the naturalization process and rules in the Netherlands. Applications can be submitted with the IND at the local municipality considering that the entire process might prolong to a year. In case you are interested in the citizenship by investment program in Netherlands, our team can give you all the details and assist you through the entire process.

We kindly invite you to solicit help and guidance from our immigration lawyers if you are a citizen of the UK who wants to relocate in the country, so please contact us.

We can also help you start your business here and apply for the Netherlands investor visa as needed.