Immigrate to the Netherlands from South Africa

Updated on Monday 03rd April 2017

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Any South African citizen who wants to immigrate to the Netherlands needs to consider the main requirements that come with the visa application to enter the country. The General Consulate in Cape Town and the Embassy in Pretoria are the offices where the individuals from South Africa can apply for a Dutch visa. Before making any movement, we recommend you to solicit information and guidance from our experts in immigration in the Netherlands if you are a South African citizen who is interested in immigrating in the Netherlands.

Dutch intra-company visa for South African citizens

Persons from South Africa who want to enter the Netherlands with an intra-company visa need to make proof they are permanent employees of the enterprise from abroad, prepare a valid passport, the medical insurance, pass the tuberculosis test and offer details about the financial situation. The company you work for will need to provide to the authorities in the Netherlands details about your status, work position and the purpose of the relocation. It is good to know that the IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service) grants the Dutch intra-company visa for 4 years, without the possibility to extend it, but applying for a new one. With this type of visa, the Dutch residence permit is issued by the same authorities at the same time, for a legal stay in the Netherlands.

The entire procedure can be explained by our immigration specialists in the Netherlands, in the same manner like a Dutch immigration lawyer would do.

How to apply for a Dutch visa as a South African citizen

A Dutch short-stay visa is available for a 90-day period in the Netherlands for all citizens of South Africa, with the possibility to extend it. The residence permit is also mandatory and can be issued at the same time with the Dutch visa. And if you are interested in extending your stay in the country, it is recommended to apply for a long-stay visa in the Netherlands which comes with an MVV (provisional residence permit) and is available for more than three months.

Additional details and suitable information about the types of visas for South Africans who want to immigrate to the Netherlands are invited to get in touch with our team of immigration advisors in the Netherlands.


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