Immigrate to the Netherlands from China

Updated on Thursday 23rd September 2021

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About 100,000 Chinese people are registered in the Netherlands. It is good to know that the Chinese represent one of the largest community in the country. The first Chinese migration took place in 1911 and cities like Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Amsterdam are homes to Chinese students or workers. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can provide you with help and guidance if you are from China and need a visa to enter the country.

Apply for a Dutch partnership visa as a Chinese person

People from China interested in relocating to the Netherlands to join a Dutch partner have the possibility to apply for a partnership visa. The IND (Immigration and Naturalization Service) is in charge of issuing this important visa, if all the documents have been accepted, and here we mention the following:

•    a valid passport;
•    an identity card from the home country;
•    the certificate that proves the unmarried status issued in the home country;
•    a copy of the divorce papers instead of the certificate of the unmarried status;
•    the Dutch partner’s details about his/her financial status in the Netherlands.

We remind that the Dutch national scheme regarding the non-EU partners who want to enter into a partnership with a citizen from the Netherlands is available for citizens who come in the country as dependents. Our Dutch immigration lawyer will provide you with complete assistance when applying for a partnership visa in the Netherlands.

Chinese entrepreneurs interested in starting an innovative business in the country can apply for the Netherlands startup visa with our help.

Apply for a Dutch long-term visa as a Chinese citizen

A long-term entry visa to the Netherlands can be issued for 90 days and is available for all citizens outside EU (European Union), including Chinese individuals, who also have the possibility to extend their stay with the IND. A letter from your sponsor is necessary to immigrate to the Netherlands from China, besides the passport, the medical insurance, the identity card from your country and details about your financial matters. Once you have settled in the Netherlands, you will receive a residence permit issued for a particular period, in order to legally live in the country and to have certain rights as a citizen. If you are interested in citizenship by investment in Netherlands, our team can assist you.

Please feel free to contact our immigration lawyer in Netherlands for additional details about how to immigrate from China to the Netherlands.

We can also assist you if you plan to apply for the Netherlands investor visa.