How to Immigrate to the Netherlands from the Philippines

Updated on Monday 16th January 2017

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The first Filipino citizen in the Netherlands was registered in 1947 and since then the number increased significantly, the foreigners looking for jobs, proper education and a better life. If you want to immigrate to the Netherlands from the Philippines, you may solicit information and assistance from our immigration specialists in the Netherlands. No matter your nationality, you can receive details and guidelines if you want to immigrate to the Netherlands.

How to apply for a Schengen visa as a Filipino citizen

If you want to immigrate from the Philippines to the Netherlands it is recommended to understand the rules and the regulations related to the needed visa and other important documents which will be obtained soon after you settle in the country. Just like any Dutch immigration lawyer, our consultants in immigration in the Netherlands can offer assistance when preparing the documents and can explain the entire procedure. It is good to know that citizens from the Philippines should apply for a Dutch visa within 30 days before the visit in the Netherlands and these documents need to the prepared:

•    you need to provide an available passport with two empty pages for a visa;
•    you need to fill the application form;
•    you need to have a photo according to the Dutch conditions;
•    you must pay the visa tax;
•    you need to offer some bank statements to verify if you can financially support yourself during your stay in the Netherlands;
•    you must have medical insurance.

If a Filipino citizen wants to travel to the Netherlands with a child under 18 years old, he must fill a different application form which needs to be signed by both parents. The consent of both parents is also mandatory before traveling to the Netherlands. The immigration officer from the Dutch consulate in the Philippines will analyze your file and request and will provide you with a response in about 30 days. Exceptional situations may require two months. In the same manner, as a Dutch immigration lawyer, our representatives in immigration in the Netherlands will offer suitable assistance and guideline for any Filipino citizen who wants to immigrate to the Netherlands.

Why immigrate to the Netherlands from the Philippine?

Filipino citizens can integrate quite fast in the Netherlands and can enjoy a safe life and explore the work opportunities according to their qualifications and skills. It is well-known that the Netherlands has a low criminal rate, a low rate of unemployment and you can choose a healthy and balanced life in the country. Most Filipinos work in the medical system, construction or education and can communicate in English, although, it is good to know that Dutch people appreciate when foreigners learn their language. One should know that staying legally in the Netherlands implies a residence permit which can be obtained after submitting the documents to the IND and meeting all the requirements.

If you are from the Philippines and want to immigrate to the Netherlands, you can contact our team of immigration consultants in the Netherlands.


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