How can EU Citizens Obtain Permanent Residence in Netherland

Updated on Monday 10th July 2017

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How can EU Citizens Obtain Permanent Residence in Netherland Image
UE or Swiss citizens, who have spent some time in the Netherlands and have decided they want to remain in this country indefinitely, can start the procedure for obtaining a permanent residence permit in this country. Another requirement for those who intend to obtain permanent residency in the Netherlands, is the pass of civic integration test also called the inburgering. Just like any other Dutch immigration lawyer, one of our consultants can explain to you in detail the conditions and the steps what you need to follow in order to obtain a permanent residence permit in the Netherlands.

Most important requirements for the obtaining of a permanent residence permit in the Netherlands

There are two types of requirements for the obtaining of permanent residence permits in the Netherlands by the UE/Swiss citizens. The first refers to more specific conditions such as having lived for at least five years in the country; the second refers to civic requirements such as the obligation to speak the Dutch language at a sufficient level, and to have basic knowledge of the local culture.

In some situations, for example in the case of retired persons or for cross-border workers the condition of having lived in the Netherlands for the past five years is no longer mandatory. These categories of persons, as well as people who are permanently unable to work, can apply earlier for a permanent residency permit.

Just like any immigration lawyer in Netherlands, one of our experts in immigration can offer you all the details concerning the application conditions for a permanent residence permit in this country.

What documents are necessary in order to obtain a permanent residence permit in the Netherlands?

As a citizen of the EU or Switzerland you will need to provide a proof of your identity and nationality. Therefore you will have to present a valid passport or ID along with a proof of registration in the personal database of the municipality.  

It is important to prove that you have enough financial means to be able to live in this country. So it is recommendable to provide documents which state your working activity and revenues during the first 5 years of residency in the Netherlands, or in case you have supported yourself by other sources of income, to be able to provide evidence that you have enough founds for your future life costs. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our specialists in immigration in Netherlands, in order to help you prepare your application for a permanent residence permit in this country.


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