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Updated on Friday 22nd September 2017

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If you want to move to the Netherlands, the financial aspect is one of the most important in your life as an expat. If you want to achieve your financial goals you will require financial planning services in the Netherlands. This is a very important service for expats, alongside other dedicated services, such as insurance or mortgage services. A wide range of financial planning services can be provided to expats by our experts in immigration in the Netherlands.

How to plan your finances in the Netherlands

Foreign citizens who relocate to the Netherlands need a careful panning of their finances in order to make the most of the opportunities offered by this new country. There are several steps for financial planning in the Netherlands. These are as follows:

•    Setting the right goals – in accordance with your revenues and expenditures in the Netherlands;
•    Assessing your current situation – depending on your salary and other incomes, decide the amount of money you can invest;
•   Making a financial plan – decide on your future cash flows, assets value and withdrawal plans. A financial plan is developed based on the current net worth, tax liabilities, future retirements and estate plans and asset allocation;
•    Putting your financial plan at work  - set up investment objectives, select and buy assets of your interest;
•    Review your financial plan regularly – include a customized allocation strategy, identify ways to minimize taxes on personal income to the extent permissible by the Dutch laws.

Just like any Dutch immigration lawyer, one of our immigration specialists can provide you with professional financial planning services.  

Advantages of financial planning services in the Netherlands

Turning to financial planning services in the Netherlands can bring a number of advantages to the expats. Among the most important, we mention:

•    Having more confidence in your financial future – planning the education of your children or making retirement plans;
•    Assessing the importance of saving money and investing in important things;
•    Giving you the comfort of knowing that your family is protected;
•    Assuring your family financial safety in case of unemployment or disease.

If you want to benefit from the advantages of financial planning and need assistance in developing such a plan, don`t hesitate to contact our team of advisors in Netherlands immigration.   



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