Extending your Dutch Residence Permit

Updated on Tuesday 01st August 2017

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The Immigration and Naturalization Service in the Netherlands (IND) supervises the residence permits for all foreigners in the country, which are available for 5 years, with the possibility of renewal. A special notification will be received from IND with about three months before the expiration date of your identification documents. Our immigration consultants in the Netherlands are able to offer assistance when preparing the documents for the Dutch residence permit extension.

Details about the Dutch residence permit extension

In order to avoid the status of an illegal immigrant in the Netherlands, it is recommended to verify the identification card you own and to apply for an extension of your Dutch residence permit. It is recommended to apply in time, within three months, to avoid the residence gap and to continue with your residency in the Netherlands.

The IND notices foreign nationals with three months in advance of the expiration date of the Dutch residence permit. The foreign national will have to complete a special form of extension containing different appendices for different situations. You will only have to fill those sections which are relevant for your particular case. 

The IND will verify if your extension application for a residence permit in the Netherlands meets the mandatory requirements or if you must apply for a different type of permit. It is good to know that you can stay three days after the expiration date of your residency permit, and if you do not want to extend it, then you are obliged to leave the country. For a re-entry, you will need a new visa related to the reasons for your stay or visit. In the same manner, as a Dutch immigration lawyer, our representatives in immigration in the Netherlands will help you prepare the important documents for your extension application related to the Dutch residence permit.

What happens if you won’t extend the residence permit in the Netherlands?

Citizens with expired residence permits should consider revising the rules and the regulations about the immigration in the Netherlands. For instance, if a person won’t apply for a residence permit extension, the authorities and the immigration office in the country have the legal permission to ask individuals if they are going to leave the Netherlands and have knowledge that they are illegal immigrants. It is also possible not to qualify for a new entry visa in the Netherlands.

If you don’t intend to extend your permit in the Netherlands, the authorities require that you leave the territory of the country before the expiry date of your permit. There is also the option to change your residence permit, case in which you won’t extend the old one, but you will apply for a new permit on other grounds – such as a change in your status (for example marriage to a local citizen). Any individual is granted one month to inform the authorities after a change occurred in his/her circumstances.  

Additional information and new details about how to extend your Dutch residence permit can be found if you contact our team of immigration advisors in the Netherlands.


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