Easiest Countries to Immigrate in Europe

Updated on Thursday 28th September 2017

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Following a job opportunity, pursuing a degree or better living conditions are among the most important reasons behind a decision to relocate to a foreign country. The easiest countries to immigrate in Europe are considered to be those with simple procedures for obtaining a residence permit and citizenship, with a friendly taxation system and attractive employment conditions. Our experts in immigration in the Netherlands have prepared for you a list of the countries in Europe where is easy to relocate to.

The Netherlands

The Dutch immigration law is a very inclusive one, offering a wide range of visas and residence permits for individuals who decide to relocate to the Netherlands. Citizens pertaining to an EU or EEA countries have very simple immigration requirements to fulfill in order to live and travel in the Netherlands. Nationals from any other country in the world can immigrate to the Netherlands on account of specific provisions such as: residence permits granted by investing in the Netherlands, asylum residence permits or residence permits for former privileged persons. Our immigration specialists in the Netherlands can give you extensive details about the Dutch immigration system.


Malta is an attractive immigration destination for those seeking to obtain residence or citizenship. There are several incentives that the local authorities offer to foreign nationals who want to immigrate to Malta. Among the most important we mention the following: a low 15% tax rate for permanent residents, obtaining the Maltese citizenship through the purchase of a 275,000 EUR or the Malta Individual Investor Program (IIP), the first investment citizenship recognized by the European Commission.


Beside the warm weather and sandy shores, the Mediterranean island offers accessible immigration procedures to those interested in moving permanently there. Citizenship can be secured in Cyprus if you buy a real estate worth 300,000 EUR. Furthermore, if you decide to start a business in Cyprus, the authorities provide a 12.5% corporation tax for resident`s business.  


Latvia provides very well developed immigration services, for both EU citizens and non-EU national who want to live and work here. The Latvian immigration legislation stipulates many options for acquiring a residence permit or citizenship, but the most popular ones are: investment in a Latvian company, real estate or banks. The Latvian residence permits offer a lot of advantages: to invite relatives for visa purposes, automatic provision of a residence permit for your spouse and underage children, discounted or free education within the EU and the entitlement to social privileges (medical treatment, maternity leave).

Feel free to contact our team of Netherlands immigration advisors if you need extensive information about the Dutch immigration procedures and the advantages of moving to the Netherlands.



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