Dutch Residence Permits for Non-Privileged Military

Updated on Tuesday 27th June 2017

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For non-privileged military and their family members the purpose of stay in the Netherlands is considered a temporary one. As such, you will need to apply for a temporary residence in the Netherlands, without the obligation to take the civic integration examination abroad. If you want to obtain more information on your status and the requirements imposed by the Dutch authorities to non-privileged military you can rely on one of our consultants who ,just like any immigration lawyer in Netherlands, can help you comply with the law.

Information about the GVVA – Single Permit for non-privileged military

The GVVA permit (gecombineerde vergunning voor verblijf en arbeid), also called a single permit, is a combined residence and work permit who allows foreign nationals such as non-privileged military to come and work in Netherlands for more than 90 days. This is a very efficient option since an immigrant to the Netherlands makes only one application instead of two, in order to be able to live and work in this country. Moreover the Netherlands Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) will be able to process much easier these requests. 

The single permit is an option addressed to civilian staff employed by international military headquarters who live in the Netherlands. In view of the fact that a person applies for a GVVA, other members of the family can apply as well for a temporary residence permit.  This option is available to the husband or wife of a non-privileged military, as well as to their children, if under 21. Other blood relatives of the soldier or non-privileged military staff can as well apply for a permit, if they depend on this person. Our consultants in immigration in Netherlands can help you gather the documents and file the application with the Dutch authorities in order to obtain a single permit in this country. 

Conditions for obtaining a GVVA permit in Netherlands for non-privileged military

In order to be eligible to the obtaining of a GVVA permit, a non-privileged military will have to be able to prove to the authorities that :

•    He/she will earn sufficient independent long-term income.
•    His/her wage is in accordance with the market conditions.
•    The organization of his/her employer is entered in the Commercial Register of the Chamber of Commerce.

Please contact one of our consultants who exactly like any Dutch immigration lawyer can help you prepare your application and guide you through the steps of obtaining a residence permit in the Netherlands. 


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