Dutch Residence Permits for Former Privileged Persons

Updated on Wednesday 28th June 2017

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A privileged person is an individual who has worked in institutions with political responsibilities such as diplomats, consular officials and employees of international organizations. Their residence permit in the Netherlands during their office is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you are a former privileged person and you want to settle in the Netherlands you can rely on the experience of one of our consultants who just like any Dutch immigration lawyer can explain you what are the conditions which apply for your situation. 

Who can apply for a residence permit as a former privileged person?

In order to obtain a permanent residence permit in the Netherlands a former privileged person must have a work record of 10 years or more in this country. If you have been in a consular office or in a diplomatic function, it is required that your contract to have been terminated in other circumstances than by a fault of yours. 

Former members of the administrative, technical or operating staff need to prove as well that they have enough financial means from savings or income from enterprises which allow them to live on the territory of Netherlands. In case your income is not sufficient but you are in a relationship, it is also possible that your partner to grant for your financial status. The income requirement applied in this case is the same with the stipulation provided in the Dutch legislation concerning married or unmarried couples.

One of our consultants in immigration in Netherlands can give you further information on the requirements which condition the issuance of a permanent residence permit for a former privileged person in this country.

Other aspects related to permanent Dutch residence permits for former privileged persons

The Dutch state imposes some additional conditions to former privileged persons who intend to move in the Netherlands. One of the requirements is that the individual to have a clean record and not to be a threat to the public order.

A registration in the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP) is also mandatory along with a certification which can prove you have acquired a sufficient level of the Dutch language. The civic integration examination must also be passed by a former privileged person for the obtaining of a permanent residence permit.

For more information, please contact one of our consultants who exactly like any immigration lawyer in Netherlands can guide you through the application procedure for the obtaining of a permanent residence permit in the Netherlands.


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