Dual Citizenship in The Netherlands

Updated on Monday 06th February 2017

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The dual citizenship in the Netherlands is not permitted and it is good to know that persons who own a foreign citizenship and live abroad for more than ten years, they can lose the Dutch right of abode. The Netherlands does not accept the dual nationality, which is why overseas residents are obliged to give up their original citizenship if they chose to live in the country and to adopt a Dutch nationality. Exceptions are permitted under certain circumstances. Our specialists in immigration in the Netherlands are able to offer you details and important information about the dual citizenship and the conditions implied. If you want to immigrate to the Netherlands you can rely on our representatives.

Who is eligible for dual citizenship in the Netherlands?

According to the Dutch immigration rules and regulations, any individual who applies for citizenship in the Netherlands needs to give up the original one. But there are certain cases where the dual citizenship in the Netherlands is permitted and here we mention the most important ones:

•    individuals who are married to a citizen in the Netherlands;
•    refugees may keep the original citizenship;
•    people with financial problems in the home country;
•    individuals who might lose inheritance rights.

Citizens who do not enter in the categories mentioned above need to abandon the original citizenship, in order to receive the Dutch citizenship. There are individuals who do not want to acquire the citizenship in the Netherlands by giving up the original one. In this case, they will need to apply for permanent residence which grants the indefinite stay in the Netherlands, but with the condition to renew the permit once in five years.

Exactly as a Dutch immigration lawyer, our consultants in immigration in the Netherlands can help you with the entire procedure related to the citizenship you wish to obtain. Any individual interested in immigration in the Netherlands may solicit help and guidance from our representatives.

The rights that come with the Dutch citizenship

People with Dutch citizenship have the right to vote, to enter the Netherlands without any restrictions, to join the army and to receive the Dutch passport. Besides that, the children will automatically receive the same citizenship, the family being capable to freely travel in the EU (European Union) countries. Individuals with Dutch citizenship can receive free medical aid and their children can attend to normal schools where education is granted and there are no costs.

Please feel free to contact our team of specialists in immigration in the Netherlands for additional information about the Dutch dual citizenship.


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