Change Personal Details on your Dutch Residence Document

Updated on Thursday 10th February 2022

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A change in the information contained in a residence permit might be necessary for various reasons. Sometimes it happens that a residence permit to be issued containing a mistake, such as a misspell of your name, or of a digit of your birthday. But it can happen as well that through marriage or in another situation the data of your residence permit to become invalid or the purpose of your stay to modify. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can provide you all information you need on the modification of the Dutch residence permit data

Main steps in modifying the personal information on your Dutch residence document

Regardless of the reason for which your Dutch residence document requires an information update, the first step which you must do is to make sure that the BRP (the Municipal Personal Records Database) is aware of the change you intend to do. Therefore you must go to the office and inform this body of the need for a modification of the personal data on your Dutch residence document. You must be able to provide the new data which are going to be introduced in the database. 

If the BRP has received the new information then you are ready to address the IND. This Immigration and Naturalization Service(IND) relies on the data from the BRP in order to emit Dutch residence documents. Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands is ready to help you apply for a Dutch residence permit and to guide you through the procedure of data modification.

Situations in which you may need a change of personal information on Dutch residence permit

Not only a change of name determines people to update the information contained in their residence permit. If you immigrate in Netherlands, than your permit will contain as well data on your employment rights in this country. For example if at the beginning your employment was conditioned by a proof of a work permit (TWV), but you no longer require a TWV, than you can ask that this information to be specified on your Dutch residence permit

The procedure for changing your personal data implies the filling of a form through which you will be able to indicate that your employment rights specifications need to be changed. Don't hesitate to contact our immigration lawyer in Netherlands who can support you with advice  for the change of your personal details on your Dutch residence permit