What are the key sectors in the Netherlands?

Updated on Thursday 22nd June 2017

What are the key sectors in the Netherlands? Image
Since Netherlands is one of the most advanced countries in Europe and also one of the most flexible and open to innovation, it is home to many modern business sectors such as creative industries and renewable energy. If you are a highly trained migrant in the Netherlands or you simply want to explore the key sectors of Netherlands by an investment, you can consult with our immigration lawyer in Netherlands  can present you the wide landscape of work opportunities in this country. 

Some of the most developed sectors in the Netherlands

Last year the Dutch creative industries had more than 172,000 employed people. Through its policy of accommodating highly skilled migrants from across the world, Holland has managed to attract many inspired ideas in areas such as creative industries, which have developed spectacularly in this country. In this sector creativity and business managed to shape the look of the Dutch cities through impressive urban design projects which represent one of the factors which attract tourists and professionals in the Netherlands. 

If you are specialized in leading innovating domains and you want to find a job in this sector in Netherlands you can discuss with our consultants who can help you obtain a work permit in this country.

Other key sectors in Netherlands

In the Netherlands another key sector is represented by energy. With a wide development in the renewables technologies, Netherlands is an important gas distributor as well. Its network of pipelines has in total 12.200 km and the country has as well a patent for ‘Green gas' technology. If you are interested to find work in this domain in the Netherlands one of our consultants can help you go through the application procedure for a work permit in this country.

The government has many agreements with the representatives of the energy sector in Netherlands, a policy which has made this Dutch industry to rank among the most efficient in the world. If you intend to start a company in this sector you can find out more details regarding the official requirements from one of our specialists.

Don’t hesitate to contact our  immigration lawyer in Netherlands can instruct you on the immigration and work policies of this country.