Tips for Expats in the Netherlands

Updated on Thursday 02nd March 2017

Tips for Expats in the Netherlands Image
The Netherlands is a welcoming country for expats and many consider living here for the rest of their lives after spending a few years working in the country. The expat life in the Netherlands can be rewarding, with one condition: stay open to an intercultural experience and move past the traditional tulips and windmills and you will look forward a new life as an expat in the Netherlands. Our immigration lawyers in Netherlands can help make your transition even smoother if you need help obtaining the necessary visas or permits.

Tip 1:

Learn to love bicycles
The fact that the Dutch enjoy their bicycles comes as no surprise for expats, still, you may want to consider adjusting to this convenient, cheap and environment-friendly means of transportation. If you never used to cycle to work in your city of origin, you may want to sink into the cycling culture once you are set-up in the Netherlands.

Tip 2:

Everyone speaks English but you should speak Dutch, too
You can take a beginners class in Dutch or simply ask your Dutch colleagues or friends to teach you the basic words. Being able to make basic conversation will improve the way you socialize and make friends while working or studying in the Netherlands.

Tip 3:

Amsterdam may be your first choice but don’t forget your other options
When looking for a job many expats will dream of working in Amsterdam, the Dutch business hub. However, other cities like Rotterdam are also good options and they may be more budget-friendly for the newly arrived expat.

Tip 4:

The Dutch enjoy life
Most Dutch have an easy-going attitude and they will enjoy the company of their friends and family during their time off work, whether it’s after-hours or during the holidays. A certain vibe and flair that will most likely make you take a shift on how you enjoy life and your free time.

Lastly, you should try to sort as many of the living and working arrangements before you arrive in the country. One of our immigration lawyers in Netherlands can help you apply for the right visa and can also assist you in other immigration-related matters.