Tips Concerning Dutch Health Insurance

Updated on Thursday 21st September 2017

Tips Concerning Dutch Health Insurance Image
The Dutch health insurance is one of the mandatory requirements for everyone who lives in the Netherlands. Therefore anyone who immigrates in the Netherlands will have to get informed on this topic and to select from the various offers the one which responds best to one’s needs and financial possibilities. Our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands can help you understand what an insurance contract needs to contain and what criteria to employ when you choose your Dutch insurance provider. 

What is the utility of the Health insurance in the Netherlands?

The fact that the health insurance is compulsory for natives as well as immigrants shows that the Dutch authorities have a constant concern for the integration of foreigners in the national healthcare system. If you come to the Netherlands in order to study or open a business in this country, you can buy a standard health insurance which covers a basic medical package, designed so that it can respond to the most frequent types of health problems.
The insurance system for medical problems has proven to be very efficient, since it allows people to profit from high quality treatments for a small amount of money payed monthly. This is one of the best methods to be prepared for those situations, in which otherwise, costly medication would be difficult to sustain.

One of our Netherlands immigration consultants can give you more details on the health insurance in the Netherlands so that you can make an informed choice.

What can a health insurance cover in the Netherlands?

Depending on your needs you may check the price offers of several insurance companies before choosing the most advantageous option. No matter if you want a buy a health insurance for yourself, or for your family, you should look for a medical insurance covering at least the following items:
Treatment provided by specialists;
Hospital care;
Dental care (for persons under 18 years old);
Basic medication;
Maternity care.
Optionally you can choose as well to include in your medical insurance other types of therapy, dietary advice and physiotherapy.
Feel free to contact one of our immigration lawyers in the Netherlands who can help you conclude an advantageous medical insurance contract in this country.