The consequences of fake marriages in the Netherlands

Updated on Monday 05th June 2017

Marriage of convenience is an unlawful instrument through which people gain access to the Netherlands. Fake marriages are contracted with the purpose of obtaining a residence permit by a foreign citizen living in the Netherlands. The Dutch government is taking preventing measures against fake marriages since they involve human trafficking or people smuggling. An immigration lawyer in the Netherlands can provide you with valuable insight on the matter of sham marriages.

Undesirable consequences of fake marriages in the Netherlands

Facilitating or contracting a fake marriage is considered a criminal offence under the Dutch legislation. This practice has many negative influences in the Dutch society, increasing the criminal activity. The Dutch partner attracted in a fake marriage risks entering a criminal network of human trafficking and people smuggling. It also generates immoral financial gains and unnecessary costs to the Dutch society. Usually, people who obtain residency in the Netherlands unlawfully benefit from social security measures. Through marriage of convenience, they gain unjustified access to the labor market and diminish other immigrants` chances of finding a job in the Netherlands. The legal consequences of a fake marriage include: a fine or a prison sentence for the resident partner, the denial of the right of residence gained through a sham marriage or the annulment of the migrant`s residence permit. Our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands will provide you with information and guidance on how to avoid a fake marriage.

Measures taken by the Dutch authorities for preventing fake marriages

The local authorities have acknowledged the potential threat of fake marriages to the Dutch society and to the immigration system. Several measures have been taken in order to prevent fake marriages in the Netherlands. If there is suspicion of a sham marriage, the relationship will be examined more closely and the partners will be interrogated separately about their marriage relationship. Different public organizations need to be involved in preventing fake marriages in the Netherlands. A closer cooperation between the police, the immigration authorities and municipalities is necessary for counteract the negative consequences of convenience marriages.

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