Return of Former Dutch Residents in Netherlands

Updated on Monday 26th February 2018

Return of Former Dutch Residents in Netherlands Image
There are many people who at a certain point in their life decide to return to Netherlands, after they have no longer been Dutch residents for a while. Depending on your particular case, one of our consultants can explain, just like any Dutch immigration lawyer, what conditions will apply to you, in case you want to obtain a residence permit and come back to the Netherlands.

What former residents have the right to apply for a new residence permit in Netherlands?

There are different situations when Dutch citizens by birth lose their nationality after leaving their country, or by remaining abroad for a long time. In other cases, people who have immigrated in Netherlands, but did not follow a throughout naturalization process and kept their former nationality, lost the Dutch nationality and residence permit as a consequence. Also children who grew up in Netherlands but moved afterwards in another country are entitled to apply for a residence permit, when they decide to come back in the Dutch state
These are the most common cases when a former Dutch resident has reasons to apply again for a residence in this country. Whether you intend as well to obtain again residence permit for this state, you can discuss with our immigration lawyer in Netherlands

Return procedure for former Dutch residents

People who want to return to the Netherlands can go through an application procedure in order to obtain a residence permit. The main conditions which need to be verified by the applicant are the following:
The person must have and present a valid passport;
The applicant must fill an antecedents certificate, a declaration concerning criminal record;
A medical verification, through which the person is tested against the infection with tuberculosis.
Some additional conditions apply from case to case. For example, in case the nationality of the applicant was revoked, because of incomplete naturalization, the applicant is allowed to apply for a reissuance of the residence permit only in the first two years after the revocation. The same time limit applies for Dutch people who renounced their nationality, after spending in Netherlands at least 3 years consecutively. 
Don’t hesitate to contact one of our consultants, who just like any immigration lawyer in Netherlands, will be able to guide you through the regulations and procedure steps in order to regain your right to live in this country.