Public Transportation in Netherlands

Updated on Monday 26th February 2018

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People who arrive in Netherlands either for travel purposes or in order to settle in this country, will be happy to find out that the Dutch transportation system is modern and very efficient. The government is preoccupied with encouraging public transportation in this country. So this segment of the infrastructure remains one of the most innovative and reliable in Europe. Just like any immigration lawyer in Netherlands one of our consultants can explain to you what opportunities are offered by the Dutch public transport and what institutions you can address in order to make sure you benefit of this advantageous transportation system

Types of public transportation in Netherlands

Just like most of the European countries, The Netherlands offer to local people as well as to tourists and immigrants in this country a full facility transportation system. The train network is very fast and the big advantage is that it can be accessed with the same type of electronic card like busses from across the whole country.  This electronic card, called OV chipkaart, can be obtained easily by providing a photograph and by the payment of a specific fee. The amount differs depending on whether you are a student or whether you want a personal or anonymous card. 

If you intend to immigrate in Netherlands, you don’t have to worry about night transportation. There are fast trains which connect during the Night most of the Dutch cities. There are also night busses, trams and metros in the urban areas. You can discuss with one of our consultants if you need more details about transportation in Netherlands.

Airline public transportation in Netherlands

Not only Netherlands has one of the larges airports in the world (Schiphol-Amsterdam), but it also has a national airline company. The KLM planes fly to 133 international destinations thus providing to people who want to move to Netherlands fast connections. 

Netherlands is also connected to the European inter-rail network, facilitating high speed business traveling between western European cities especially from Germany and Belgium. The highways provide as well not only local connections but also international ones. The highways are usually the preferred routes for busses with which you can get quite fast from one corner of the Netherlands to another. 

Feel free to contact our firm and ask more questions about public transportation to one of our consultants. In case you want to obtain a visa for this country feel free to contact our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands who can assist you through the entire procedure.