Population growth in the Netherlands due to immigration

Updated on Friday 04th August 2017

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The Netherland`s population reached 17.1 million in the beginning of 2017, with 110,000 more than on January 1st 2016. Demographic experts claim that population growth in the Netherlands is due to immigration. The natural population growth was 22,000, while the net migration was 88,000. The most significant contribution to population growth in the Netherlands was made by Syrian refugees. Our experts in immigration in the Netherlands can give you extensive information about the figures around the population growth.

Population growth in the Netherlands according to nationalities

More than one quarter of the population growth is due to people born in Syria and migrated to the Netherlands. 29,000 people from the total amount of 110,000 migrants in the Netherlands were first generation Syrians. 25,000 migrants came from other EU states, Polish nationals contributing with the largest share (approx. 9000). Other nationalities accounting for the population growth in the Netherlands include: India, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Turkey and Morocco. An increase tendency was witnessed in regard to immigrants with Dutch, German and Indonesian background coming to the Netherlands. There were only 3,000 immigrants with a German background in the Netherlands in 2016.
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Distribution of migrant population around Netherland`s major cities

The Dutch Statistic Agency announced that most of the population growth in the Netherlands was concentrated in the four big cities of the country. According to the demographic data, 1 in 5 municipalities in the Netherlands registered a decrease of their population. Amsterdam saw the biggest population growth, of over 15,000 residents to a total number of 850,000 inhabitants. The cultural diversity, the quality of life and the open attitude towards foreigners make Amsterdam a favorite destination for immigrants in the Netherlands. They tend to integrate better and faster in the Dutch society, is easier to find jobs and to contribute to the local economy. Rotterdam, the second largest city in the Netherlands, also witnessed an increase of population by 8,000 people and The Hague and Utrecht with 4,000 each. These cities` population grew more in 2016 than the Dutch population as whole since 2008. During the entire year of 2016, the Dutch population grew by 6 people per 1,000 inhabitants, while in Amsterdam the number was 18 per thousand, 13 per thousand in Rotterdam, 12 in Utrecht and 9 in The Hague.

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