Lost or Stolen Dutch Residence Permit: What to Do?

Updated on Friday 13th January 2017

Lost or Stolen Dutch Residence Permit: What to Do? Image
In case you have lost your residence permit or has been stolen it is recommended to report the issue to the local police, to file the documents for a new one and to apply with the IND (the Dutch department of Immigration and Naturalization). Our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands can offer suitable information and proper guidance in this matter and can help you ease the entire application process.


Requirements for a new Dutch residence permit

If the lost or stolen residence permit was about to expire, it is recommended to apply for an extension instead of making a new one. Our consultants in immigration in the Netherlands can help you organize and prepare the necessary documents and can ease the application process, if you lost the Dutch residence permit. To obtain the new residence permit in the Netherlands you need to:

•    show the available visa and the valid passport;
•    demonstrate you have incomes in the country or receive certain revenues;
•    have a clear criminal background and to not represent a risk to the society;
•    show documents related to your employment in the Netherlands;
•    have a travel insurance available for the entire Schengen area.

All the documents need to be translated into the Dutch language and to be legalized at a notary in your home country. Take into consideration that a fee of about EUR 260 needs to be paid for lost or stolen Dutch residence permit.

Our team of immigration lawyers in the Netherlands can guide you every step of the process. Besides that, people interested in immigrating in the Netherlands can receive suitable information in this matter from our advisors.

The validity of the Dutch residence permit

The Dutch residence permit is available for five years and allows you to leave and enter the Netherlands without any additional requirements. This type of document is also available for all Schengen countries. One should know that he can apply for an extension of the Dutch residence permit, where specific conditions are met, according to the reasons of your stay in the Netherlands.

Additional information about how to apply for a Dutch residence permit and about the immigration in the Netherlands can be found if you contact our team of immigration representatives in the Netherlands.