Immigration procedures for students in the Netherlands

Updated on Friday 04th August 2017

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Foreigners who want to study in the Netherlands have a wide range of education institutions and universities offering degree programs. A Dutch student visa is available for the duration of the courses. An additional one year orientation visa can be accessed by graduates looking to find a job. Specific conditions must be met in order to obtain a student visa for the Netherlands. Our experts in immigration in the Netherlands can give you extensive information about immigration procedures for students in the Netherlands.

Dutch student visa

Depending on the student's nationality, a provisional residence permit (MVV) may be needed in order to legally enter the country. The application for the Dutch student visa is done in two ways: by your education institution or through a recognized sponsor in the Netherlands. The general conditions for applying for a Dutch student visa are the following:
•   You have been accepted by a university as a student to a full-time accredited day program;
•   You must have enough funds to sustain yourself for a long term in the Netherlands. Bank account receipts and invoices are sufficient proof to demonstrate this;
•    You must obtain at least 50% of the total credits for each academic year. The study progress monitoring is the way to show this.

The Dutch student visa application can only be submitted by a recognized educational institution. A MVV and a residence permit are applied for simultaneously. The application fees are collected by the IND from your university. If your Dutch student visa application is successful, a written confirmation will be received by your university from the IND. You have three months to collect the MVV and travel to the Netherlands. Professional guidelines through the student visa application process can be offered to you by our specialists in immigration matters in Netherlands.  

Categories of students in the Netherlands

According to the provisions of the Dutch immigration legislation, there are several categories of students which can apply for the education visa in the Netherlands. These categories are built upon nationality and require different immigration procedures for students in the Netherlands. These categories are:
•    Category 1 – prospective students from the EU countries, Lichtenstein, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland;
•    Category 2 - prospective students from Australia, Canada, Japan, Morocco, New Zeeland, South Korea,  USA and Vatican City;
•    Category 3 - prospective students from all other non-European Union countries;
•    Category 4 - prospective non-European students who are living in the Netherlands and have a valid residence permit for the purpose of study, au-pair and a privileged card from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
•    Category 5 – prospective students from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal.  

For complete information regarding the student categories and their immigration procedures, please contact our agents in immigration in the Netherlands.


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